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[Watch] Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay Shows Kat’s Abilities & New Missions

Gravity Rush 2


[Watch] Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay Shows Kat’s Abilities & New Missions

Gravity Rush 2 is in the news for all the right reasons. The gameplay in this case gets fabulous combat as per reports. This has definitely created huge excitement amongst fans and enthusiasts.

Gravity Rush 2 now has an extended gameplay video available. This showcases scintillating combat where Kat remains at her peak for more than 35 minutes. The game looks and feels more attractive in the video.

The Gravity Rush 2 extended game play video proudly showcases Kat and her abilities in several situations. These gravity combating capabilities are showcased to the fullest for a long duration. The extra missions in the game also look and feel really amazing to say the least.

What Kat Can Do Now 

Gaming Bolt reports how Kat can float around by reducing gravity. She can also scale up gravity for falling down to Earth with huge force. She now gets increased speed and there are moves like sliding along the ground as well.

The entire combat feels pretty attractive and so do the extra missions. These missions will enable gamers to seamlessly float through big areas. They have to collect key stuff before the timer stops.

When Is the Launch?

The game is due for a PS4 launch on the 18th of January, 2017. The game was earlier supposed to release in December but there were several delays faced by the makers. There will also be a DLC released in March 2017.

This will be a free DLC and will emphasize more on Kat’s partner Raven. Game News also reports that the missions and combat both look really fabulous. With the continual improvements, this game should entice more users with ease.

The popularity of the Gravity Rush series is one advantage that the sequel already possesses. Add to that improvements in game play and missions and you have a winner. Customers are expected to go all out to snap up this game once it releases.

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