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[Watch] Gravity Rush 2 Prequel Anime Trailer: Here’s What’s Next For Kat & Raven

Gravity Rush 2
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[Watch] Gravity Rush 2 Prequel Anime Trailer: Here’s What’s Next For Kat & Raven

The Gravity Rush 2 trailer is now making the rounds on the web. Studio Khara stands proud to reveal the upcoming release of the most anticipated animated game, while Sony confirms its development. Talks about the animated film have also surfaced.

Just today, the latest trailer for the Gravity Rush 2 animated game once again impressed fans. Alongside this, rumors about the Gravity Rush animated film came up and about.

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Possible Prequel Film In The Making?

The rumored film, possibly titled Gravity Rush: Overture [The Animation] will hopefully link the two narratives from the game. Coming out as a prequel, the film can finally seam the narrative flow of the whole Gravity Rush concept.

Gravity Rush 2 30-Second Trailer Revealed

The 30-second sequel trailer released by Studio Khara further implied a thicker plot involving Kat and Raven in it. Nevertheless, the trailer also indicated that the original Overture episode may as well be included in the first print-runs of the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 version.

Release Date

The Gravity Rush 2 will initially be released on January 18, 2017 in Japan, and January 20 in the US. The Overture original episode will launch on TV Tokyo on the 25th of December. By all means, Studio Khara hopes that Overture, having launched, will further supplement the gap between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.

What About The Sequel

The sequel, on the other hand, aims to sustain the flow of the narrative. Hopefully the sequel will move on from where the first game left off. More so, the sequel might also expose gravity-shifters Kat and Raven to more dangerous encounters with the Nevi creatures.

Back To The Rumored Film

The rumored Gravity Rush prequel film will ultimately provide the back-story of the two main gravity heroines. With the two game sequences on hand, there has to be no better time for the franchise to release the movie than now.

Hold Your Horses, Fans

Much has happened and more is waiting to happen in the whole Gravity Rush universe. But all-in-all, the fans’ anticipation for the rumored prequel shall have served as a motion setter for the whole Gravity Rush franchise.

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