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[Watch] Here’s How Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Works

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer
Image grabbed from Mass Effect YouTube Channel.

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[Watch] Here’s How Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Works

BioWare has just debuted the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer game mode by showing a preview of its gameplay. It revealed that it will contain some four-player cooperative action similar to that of Mass Effect 3.

The Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer iterated the previous Mass Effect 3 because of the Horde-style mode. It involves having a class and a squad while fighting several enemies of different difficulties.

In the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer game mode, players will earn various experience and Credits. Through these, they can build up their characters to become stronger through weapons, mods, and ability upgrades.

Similar to Mass Effect 3, players have to select unique species and a class combination. To give some examples, they could either go for a Krogan Soldier or even a Human Engineer. Once a character is customized, they can finally equip him with a preferred weapon to use combat.

Specific weapons are effective against particular classes so it is wise to know which will work better against others. According to GameRant, BioWare will include at least 40 weapons during the availability of the game mode.

Developers will not impose any restrictions on any class for the use of all weapons. However, players might still have to unlock them in order for them to equip the weapons into their characters

Players can also attach mods or boosters into their weapons in order to make them powerful and unique. An example of these boosters are Cryo Ammunition that they can use in order to gain addition tactical powers.

Multiplayer Game Mode Rewards

Every time a player completes a match, it will award him with a certain amount of experience and Credits. Each squad will equally receive a reward based on the outcome of their game.

It means that ranking, kill participation, or kill-death-assist (KDA) would not have any bearing on the rewards. BioWare prioritizes cooperation between its players rather than having them compete for better points.

The experience system is pretty simple: the XP gained is matched will go directly to the character used. It will allow that character to level up and learn new or more powerful abilities he can use in future matches.

Ties with the Single-Player Mode

BioWare confirmed that the multiplayer mode will have a unique connection with the single-player mode. Players can send out APEX Strike Teams during Strike Team Missions to recover resources or to finish the mission itself. GameSpot reported that the game will require 42.19 GB of space once it goes out next week.

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