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[Watch] Heroes Of The Storm Characters: First Look At Warcraft Troll Zul’jin

Heroes of the Storm
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[Watch] Heroes Of The Storm Characters: First Look At Warcraft Troll Zul’jin

Heroes of the Storm finally revealed more of its character Zul’jin.

Zul’jin isn’t new to the Warcraft universe as he was mentioned and revealed last month. But now it’s official that he’s getting more action in a spotlight video released by Blizzard.

In the Warcraft universe, Zul’jin is a troll and an assassin. His weapon of choice is an axe. He relies on them to fight- that the less life he has, the faster he attacks his opponents with it.

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Heroic Moves

Several moves from Zul’jin include:

Berserker – this increases his attack speed while he throws axes at his opponents as his health lowers.

Grievous Throw – this enables Zul’jin to hurl his axe wherein it damages two opponents. Using this attack also marks them for the next move until it expires.

Twin Cleave – this move allows Zul’jin to throw both his axes in a circular arc, hitting opponents within the vicinity. The axes then return to him once the blow has been delivered.

Regeneration – this ability is applicable to all trolls but players should be reminded that the regeneration of health can be interrupted by an opponent’s attack.

Taz’Dingo – this move prevents Zul’jin’s health from falling below one, gaining an “unkillable” status.

Guillotine – this heroic choice is deadly as Zul’jin is able to throw a large axe at a great distance, hitting his opponents within the area and inflicting damage severely.

This Heroes of the Storm character is considered one of their most highly skilled characters and comes with the newest patch. Along with Zul’jin, the update includes adding armor to Anub’arak, Greymane in his Worgen form and Arthas. There are also balance changes and adjustments to some characters.

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play game for PC, which lets players try new heroes as many as they like. Players that are interested in Zul’jin’s addition can check out the troll assassin below.

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