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[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay: Crafting, Combat & More

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay
Screengrab from PlayStation/YouTube


[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay: Crafting, Combat & More

There’s finally a tutorial video for some of the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay elements. This gave players idea on crafting and other activities present in the game. This is especially important as players are getting more excited about the game.

Guerrilla Games is up for big surprises this year as their tutorial video has been making waves online. This allowed players to get a view on some gameplay elements such as crafting and combat. The rather unique nature of the elements appear to demand some form of strategy on the part of players.

This easily makes the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay easily one of the most anticipated elements of 2017. It has huge potential of bringing new and revolutionary gameplay elements in the scene. And here we thought robot dinosaurs are already exciting.

Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay: Dinosaurs?!

Of course, given that the game is still under development, the trailer is not yet complete. Not to mention, it appears the game is just a first in an action series. However, with a release date just a few months away, fans definitely want to get a taste of the game’s awesome mechanics.

According to Game Rant, it’s safe to say that fans may not complain as they see once again the beautiful environment of the game. Guerilla Games even commented that the visuals will be much more improved on the PlayStation 4 Pro. This means Sony fans better buckle up and take care of their new consoles.

Regardless, the game can even set a benchmark for the other upcoming games of the next few years. Still, the lack of multiple platform compatibility may have the game suffer sales. However, it may be safe to assume that enough fan clamoring may opt the devs to import the game to other consoles.

Intricate Combat, Crafting

The tutorial appears courtesy of YouTuber NGIN. The user uploaded a video of the tutorial, which brings into light some of the basic mechanics. As observed in the tutorial, options such as ranged and close combat is available.

Players are also expected to craft their own weapons and armor based on the creatures they kill. Interestingly, protagonist Aloy can ride a mount that appears to be cybernetic in nature. Aloy even has a set of unique moves for every scenario.

Although, the tutorial itself isn’t entirely “new.” A lot of the footage in the trailer was already seen in previous reveals. This includes the open world combat mechanics, as seen in the clip.

The game is slated for a February 28, 2017 and March 1, 2017 release for both North America and United Kingdom respectively for the PlayStation 4.

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