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[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Reveals Aloy’s Skills & Abilities

Horizon Zero Dawn
Screen grabbed from PlayStation YouTube Channel


[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Reveals Aloy’s Skills & Abilities

PlayStation has uploaded another Horizon Zero Dawn trailer and it featured some of Aloy’s skills and abilities. As seen in the video, the game would offer players a large skill tree that they can invest points into as they level up. The protagonist can choose what to learn from three different sections which include Prowler, Brave, and Forager.

As players level up, they can spend a skill point on any of the three above mentioned sections in order to learn a new ability. The Brave section allows the main character to increase and improve her physical qualities. Sony had revealed three of the perks found in this section.

One skill allows Aloy to move faster while carrying a heavy weapon. Another increases her level of concentration, and the last gives her two additional arrows in a single shot using a bow.

The Prowler section revolves around stealth and improves Aloy’s chance of not being detected while attacking. Like the Brave section, the trailer only unveiled three of the skills that players can learn in this section.

The Hunter Reflexes, as the name implies, allow players to slow down time when aiming their bow. It would allow for a more precise accuracy while firing from a distance. The two others include the Silent Strike and the Strike From Above which give Aloy more ways to finish enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Mysterious Prowler Section

Developer Guerilla Games did not include the skills that would fall under the Prowler section. However, since Horizon Zero Dawn requires survival, it might have something to do with the increase of drops from the enemies or, simply, could be utility-based.

Images from the Forager section in the video suggest that some of the skills have something to do with tools. One picture might pertain to enemy detection since it shows a head with a question mark above it. According to GameSpot, the game allows a preview of the skills and abilities before unlocking them.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Passive Skills

Aside from the active skills that Sony demonstrated in the video, players can also learn passive skills that affect Aloy’s overall stats. One of the passive skills revealed includes the Critical Hit and Critical Hit + which increases the damage done by the character.

The Critical Hit allows players to deal a high chance of a critical attack on a downed enemy. Meanwhile, the Critical Hit + would improve the damage dealt by the former skill.

According to Game Rant, developers did not intend for the game to have predetermined classes. This allows players to select and mix any of the skills, abilities, or perks under all three sections.

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