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[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Reveals More On Snapmaw & Thunderjaw

Horizon Zero Dawn
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/PlayStation account


[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Reveals More On Snapmaw & Thunderjaw

Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment will soon release Horizon Zero Dawn this coming February 28, 2017 in North America. Sony Interactive Entertainment has again launched a set of new trailers for the third-person action role-playing video game. It introduces two machine adversaries called Thunderjaw and Snapmaw.

Mechanical Enemies

Snapmaw and Thunderjaw are two enemies players would have to encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn through Aloy. Players will control the main protagonist, Aloy, in the game. She is an archer and hunter living in the world overrun by such mechanical creatures. Players would have to be cautious when faced by opponents like Snapmaw and Thunderjaw. A new pair of trailers was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment featuring these monsters.


Thunderjaw was already introduced in the first gameplay trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn. Thunderjaw resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it is a machine version of the dinosaur, complete with disk launchers, cannons and a laser-firing mouth as its main weapons. It is one of the deadlies and most difficult enemies to defeat.

Thunderjaw is also able to use radar scan, and thus, it can find Aloy when she is hiding. Consequently, attack attempts and even running can become difficult. However, like all other monstrous creatures in games, it has a weakness. Players should target its head and heart to cause the most damage. Furthermore, its disk launchers can also be removed from its side, allowing players to use these against Thunderjaw itself. Watch the trailer below:


The other mechanical enemy that Aloy will soon face is the Snapmaw. This creature looks like an alligator, and like the animal, this enemy becomes deadlier near water. Its best attack is its melee moves, including tail swipes and lunge bites. It also has cryo mortars which it can use for long-range attacks. This ability can freeze the players even at a distance. But, the cryo attack skill is also the weakness of the creature. Players should aim for its throat to destroy its capability to use such an ability. Watch the trailer for Snapmaw here:

Last week, Guerrilla Games concluded that the game had finally gone gold, which means that a delay in its production is no longer possible. Players who are looking forward to the game’s release on February 28 should expect Thunderjaw and Snapmaw. The game will launch exclusively on the PS4. Moreover, PS4 Pro users will experience a performance boost and enhanced visuals with the game.

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