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[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Shows Gameplay & Human Settlements

Horizon Zero Dawn
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Game Clips and Tips


[Watch] Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Shows Gameplay & Human Settlements

New gameplay footage on Horizon Zero Dawn has been revealed. With only two weeks to go, the hype for Guerilla Games’ new video game is keeping fans on the edge of their seats and looking forward to it.

The video features Aloy and how she goes about hunting down machine like animals and interacting with other humans in the game. The clip also featured the stunning graphics and scenery in Horizon Zero Dawn. It seems that the map looks quite huge, something players want to try out.

The video footage came from an event in Amsterdam that previewed Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s almost 7 minutes long and already packs quite a lot of details for a preview The game is one of the most highly anticipated video game this 2017 and will be made available on the PlayStation 4.

Human Settlements And Combat Styles

In the video, Aloy is seen taking on machine like animals. She uses her bow and arrow to fight them off. Her bow and arrow has quite the firepower than the usual weapon.

The machine-like animals look wild as they roam about the environment set in the game. But Aloy is also seen taming one of them and even riding on its back as she travels. Aloy may need to train on how to connect to one of them in order to use tame them.

Human outposts and settlements were also witnessed in the video. The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is in seems populated and is reminiscent of the olden age. Characters need to hunt, do their chores and are seen conversing with the people around them.

So far, Horizon: Zero Dawn has given players a view of how balanced everything is. From the primitive lifestyle but also having high tech weapons, the game looks to be promising, interesting and could be well worth the wait.


The world that Horizon: Zero Dawn is set isn’t only gaining popularity. Main character Aloy is also getting attention for being that tough female warrior.

According to the game, Aloy is an outcast since she’s been born outside of the clan structure set in their time. But this doesn’t stop her from becoming a tough person. As seen on the gameplay footage, she goes on hunts and battles machine like animals on her own.

Guerilla Games Executive Producer Angie Smets said it took years to have Aloy the way she is now. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to try her out since the game releases on the 28th.

Check out the video of the gameplay below:

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