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[Watch] Injustice 2 Characters Lineup Adds Firestorm To Cast

Injustice 2
Screencap of Firestorm in action (YouTube/ UpUpDownDown)


[Watch] Injustice 2 Characters Lineup Adds Firestorm To Cast

Pardon the pun but a new character has just heated up the Injustice 2 roster list. NeatherRealm Studios and Warner Bros./DC have just fanned the flames with its latest reveal. Firestorm is the latest character to join the hero list and here’s everything you need to know about the nuclear man.

The new Injustice 2 character was revealed courtesy of UpUpDownDown who posted a gameplay video showing the man on fire. The team headed to NeatherRealm Studios and met with Ed Boon. In the video below, around the 4:52 mark, Boon reveals Firestorm will be featured in the action. Watch Firestorm during actual gameplay at 7:40.

Injustice 2 continues the plot of its predecessor. In this game, we see Batman and his team work to piece back society while battling other heroes who fight for Superman’s regime. CBR notes that amidst all the fighting, a new threat emerges who aims to end Earth’s existence.

Injustice 2 Characters: Who Is Firestorm?

According to the footage the YouTube video shows, Firestorm aka The Nuclear Man, is a ranged fighter with a number of strengths available to his advantage. Game Rant detailed that the character’s powers include super strength, flight, as well as molecular manipulation.

As a package, Firestorm appears to be a good option for players who prefer attacking at a range and fighting at a distance. However, Firestorm does have close-range tactics but he’s built for breakaway action. He’s got plenty of nuclear power and can dole a mean Supermove and blue-flame power up.

Moreover, in terms of his outfit design, Destructoid reported that his appearance is a mix of both his Legends of Tomorrow character and persona in the comics. Firestorm’s depiction in the game seems to be heavily inspired by the version of Jason Rusch.

Injustice Sequel Gameplay & News

Firestorm is the latest addition to the growing list of superheroes and villains set to appear in the game. The character joins a strong female line-up comprising of Supergirl, Black Canary, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Previously announced playable characters include Doctor Fate, Cheetah, Aquaman, Atrocitus, Batman, Deadshot, Flash, Superman, to name a few.

In summary, the Injustice sequel offers a massive selection of DC superheroes and supervillains. In addition, gamers can equip characters with the powerful and unique gear you earn as you continue to play the game.

The game is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16 in North America. Europe will get the game on the same platforms by May 19.

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