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[Watch] Injustice 2 PS4 & Xbox Reveal First Look At Black Adam

Injustice 2 PS4
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[Watch] Injustice 2 PS4 & Xbox Reveal First Look At Black Adam

The release date for Injustice 2 PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS is slowly approaching, with fans excitedly waiting on the game’s launch date. In light of such anticipation, NetherRealms Studios–the team behind the Injustice series–has recently released yet another trailer of the upcoming superhero title. This time, the new trailer explores Supergirl’s alliance with her fellow Kryptonian, Superman, and also provides fans with their first look at another character, Black Adam.

Injustice 2 PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS: Who Is Black Adam?

Previously playable in the first Injustice game, Black Adam is a super-villain (and occasional anti-hero) in the DC Universe. The new Injustice 2 trailer sees the antagonist launching an attack on what appears to be Supergirl while sending a blast to an Egyptian pyramid in the process.

Prior to this most recent trailer, not much had been revealed on Black Adam’s involvement in the game and story. However, as per GameSpot, a PR executive has confirmed that Black Adam will once again be playable in Injustice 2.

Besides Black Adam, other Injustice 2 characters have also been recently revealed, as NetherRealm Studios hasn’t been holding back on the release of their character lineup. Other previously revealed characters include Cheetah, Firestorm, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow.

Supergirl In Shattered Alliances Part 3

The newest Injustice 2 trailer, subtitled Shattered Alliances Part 3, will show more of Supergirl in action. It starts off by showing Supergirl’s beginnings as she escapes her home world and encounters a pod carrying an infant Kal-El, otherwise known as Superman.

More of the video suggests her butting heads with her superhero cousin, Superman, and how the latter will continually challenge Supergirl’s loyalty to him. This later puts a strain on their relationship, with Supergirl slowly questioning her allegiance to the House of El.

Catch the Injustice 2 PS4, Xbox, Android, and iOS release date on May 16, 2017. In the meantime, you can catch the latest Injustice 2 trailer, Shattered Alliances Part 3, below:

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