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[Watch] John Wick 2 Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Comeback In Action Film

John Wick 2
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[Watch] John Wick 2 Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Comeback In Action Film

Keanu Reeves comes back on screen as the larger-than-life hit-man John Wick. Check out the John Wick 2 Trailer and witness Keanu Reeves once again don the costume of the one-liner, bullet-throwing lead.

Lionstage Presents The All-New Trailer:

Lionsgate updates fans with a trailer, a fresh look of John Wick 2 years after the very first offense taken on him. The all-new trailer promises to sustain the same old killer only with bigger action sequences this time.

Most action scenes in the trailer took place in the seminal landscapes of Rome. Whether underground or up, it seems John Wick is taking all the gun glory for himself.

John Wick’s charm simply cannot leave the cinema and filmmakers alone. By all means, his charm had entailed anticipation and stifled resistance from moviegoers.

What To Expect With The Upcoming John Wick 2?

The upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2 will feature the comeback performance of actor Keanu Reeves. Why Reeves? Because, he had crucially held both the outline and inline package of John Wick’s character. His performance in the first movie concludes that he is born to play the role.

Along the line, directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch had successfully sustained for the project. Their team-up made sure things took the proper turns.

The whole concept of John Wick has always centered on its wry, one-liner humor. Without the art of one-liners, John Wick will never be the same.

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Let The Trailer Speak:

The trailer draws a line between the elements that were retained from the elements that were enhanced. Finally, the trailer ends with the same punch, making the fans go berserk. The punch cuts right after the Bowery King [Laurence Fishburne] told him, “You’re not very good at retiring.” To which, he responds, “I’m working on it.”

Other Rumors:

Meanwhile, pictures and videos of Keanu Reeves doing heavy tactical training have also been circulating in the web. This gives the fans more reason to be excited about.

Movie Status:

The movie is currently on post-production. Its release date falls on February, 2017.

Watch out for more updates.

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