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[Watch] Kyoto Tanoji Quest Game Tests Players’ Knowledge Of Japanese Culture

Kyoto Tanoji Quest Game

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[Watch] Kyoto Tanoji Quest Game Tests Players’ Knowledge Of Japanese Culture

Kyoto Tanoji Quest game quizzes players on Japanese trivia, among others. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to explore the twelve towns, and defeat evil forces.

Kyoto Tanoji Quest Game: Get To Know The Characters

The player is the main character of the game. He can roam around the streets of the Tanoji area in Kyoto. Meanwhile, the community folk will engage the character in a conversation. The talk is mostly about Japan and its rich history.

Furthermore, there is a detailed list of the characters seen in the Kyoto Tanoji Quest game website. First, Liu the photographer will appear at Shinkyogoku. Second, Ikenodai the caricature teacher will show at the Teramachi Sen Mon. The full list of 20 characters can be found in the game’s website.

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As the user’s character explores the town, they are required to master their psyche. Moreover, this can be done through battling evil walls that symbolize inner demons. In addition, the player can also earn points by meeting townsfolk.

The player is tasked to surpass the trials in the twelve towns built in the game. Further, surpassing all obstacles will elevate the gamer’s status to Tanoji Master. 


The Kyoto Tanoji Quest game is reminiscent of the classic NES games that captivated 90’s gamers all over the world. Even more, the engaging MIDI music will take the player to their childhood, when they were still using old cartridges in the 90’s.

Meanwhile, the game features 2D scroll type role playing game (RPG). This technology is reminiscent of the classic Zelda games.

Can A Player Appear In The Game For Free?

Moreover, players are given the chance to appear in the game as one of the characters. Interested parties just need to send their photo, desired character name, gender and age to apply.

In addition, players are also given the freehand to provide their desired script. The script will appear once the player passes by their character in one of the 12 shopping districts.

The Kyoto Tanoji Quest game is currently available for free on Steam. Players can download it anytime and enjoy the classic NES-like interface to their hearts’ content.

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