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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Nomad Upgrades, New Planets & More

Mass Effect Andromeda

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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Nomad Upgrades, New Planets & More

Mass Effect Andromeda boasts quite a lot of features that are different from other earlier Mass Effect entries. One of them is varied exploration options. This is a change of pace from the combat-oriented titles of the hit series.

BioWare’s particular emphasis on exploration may be rooted in Mass Effect Andromeda and its story. The game takes place in the Andromeda galaxy, where a group of explorers try to find a new home for humans in a large ship. Unfortunately, the protagonists become involved in a larger conflict.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the most recent installment and follows 2012’s Mass Effect 3. However, while four years may be a short span for players, it is not for technological improvements. This may be the reason why BioWare is upping the ante with the game’s latest features.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Exploration

The new developments on the game’s exploration features came fresh from IGN First footage, as detailed below. Game Rant elaborates that BioWare has already announced that the title features 100 planets to see in the series’ rendition of Andromeda galaxy. However, players can only explore a handful of them.

The video shows three such planets, namely Voeld, Kadara, and Eos. Ice and snow covers the cold planet of Voeld. The planet has very harsh weather capable of affecting both the player and the Nomad vehicle. The hazardous environment feature is an interesting addition to the game. This elaborates the need to carefully assess the equipment of players and make sure they are adequately protected against these hazards.

Kadara is a big opposite of Voeld. Mountains and plateaus populated the warm planet. Interestingly, the planet is also home to some very dangerous wildlife, which the protagonists may have to dispatch. Eos is a similarly-warm planet, however it is particularly filled with sand and deserts. Players will have to face a big mechanical “worm” monster that waits for them in the planet.

Gamers should expect more planets of varying sizes, depths and environments. These features seem to emphasize another integral layer of Andromeda‘s gameplay: exploration. After all, the main story does involve the mission of finding a new “home.”

Nomad Upgrades

Of course, players have to rely on the handy Nomad to explore the aforementioned planets. Andromeda introduces the Nomad as one of its newest gameplay elements. If teaser videos are correct, then the vehicle will have an unprecedented impact on inter-planetary exploration.

The Nomad in general is an improved version of the Mako vehicle in previous Mass Effect installments. The monstrous vehicle offers a sleek design, with large wheels compatible for all sorts of terrain. The video below demonstrates is power to handle difficult environments, a trait that will prove useful in exploration.

Players can call the Nomad anywhere for as long as they have a forward operating base on the planet. However, the IGN trailer’s highlight is in the vehicle’s customization options. The six-wheel drive also has a lot of upgrades to boost its already-useful benefits. For instance, gamers can install extra shields, better handbrakes and faster thrusts.

Gamers can finally experience the Nomad and the game’s various worlds when it launches this March 21. The title will be available for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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