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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Reveals New Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda

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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Reveals New Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda is teasing Loyalty Missions with a new video. This time, it seems the Asari Peebee has a favor to ask. The update marks the first story-related change the game will receive in its release.

Fans of hit BioWare franchise look forward to Mass Effect Andromeda this March. After all, the game will not only have a new setting but a whole cast of characters and features as well. It will be interesting to see just how these will change the dynamics of the series that players grew accustomed to.

In the first place, Mass Effect Andromeda takes on an entirely different story than the original trilogy. The game stars the Ryders, a family of explorers aboard a ship that seeks to find a new planet for humans. The entire “exploration” vibe seems to attract long-time fans of the franchise. However, it seems the title will also explore more of its minor characters.

Peebee and the Asari

The update came in the form of an IGN First video, which can be viewed below. The video itself is a 17-minute “tease” of the return of the Loyalty Missions. These are quests that allow the protagonist to establish relationships with their allies and enemies.

The Asari Peebee is described to be a lone wolf and an adventurer. Her intelligence matches her blunt personality. However, she is equally inquisitive and willing to help in whatever way she can. Interestingly, Peebee’s personality contrasts that of medical officer Lexi T’Perro, another Asari. Unlike Peebee, T’Perro is astute and elegant like other members of their race.

As seen in a new teaser, Peebee appears to be sad about something. By the time the player and the Krogan Nakmor Drack console her, Peebee asks for accompaniment to retrieve a mysterious object. In an epic twist, Peebee sends them off to an unknown planet and strands them there.

Now a very pissed Ryder will have to obtain whatever it is Peebee wants from the planet. However, as it seems another alien force is out to get the same artifact, it might be worth the skirmish. Interestingly, the mission also proves the rather playful personality of the squad member.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Loyalty Mission Preview

Loyalty Missions are an integral part of the game as it coincides with some relevant changes in the title. For instance, BioWare promises improved facial expressions and dialogue for the cast. The publisher has also expressed its desire to take the story away from the much-known Shepard trilogy (the first three Mass Effect games).

It can be remembered that the last game of the franchise removed the Loyalty Missions. As per the Official Xbox Magazine (as reported by Games Radar), creative director Mac Walters said the Missions did not fit Mass Effect 3 ‘s setting. He said the grim nature of the war in Milky Way galaxy meant not all characters will live after the game’s ending.

He added Andromeda‘s new Loyalty Missions will let players realize that the game also values the backstory of each member of the crew. After all, they surely have the motivation to go to a place as far as Andromeda galaxy. Players can get to know them better by the time the game releases on March 23 for the PC, PlayStaton 4 and the Xbox One.

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