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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Shows Liam Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Shows Liam Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda affirms BioWare’s mission for more character-invested stories. New gameplay footage shows a new loyalty mission in the anticipated Mass Effect installment. This time, players will get to know Liam Kosta.

BioWare’s hit Mass Effect series changed the landscape of the gaming industry by offering emotionally-charged narratives. Its original trilogy focused on a war-torn Milky Way galaxy and how players are tasked to solve this conflict. However, the developers stayed true to their warning that every choice affects the outcome of the story. Mass Effect Andromeda appears to have adopted this trait as well.

Interestingly, Mass Effect Andromeda also boasts a departure from the original games. This time, explorers have to traverse the Andromeda galaxy to find a new home for people they left behind. However, in the face of a new realm, is loyalty still an option?

Mass Effect Andromeda: Who Is Liam Kosta

This new gameplay video is courtesy of DualShockers. BioWare showcased the game’s improved dialogue system and combat mechanics in Kosta’s mission. This all happened during the publisher’s segment in PAX East 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Liam Kosta is the Andromeda Initiative’s security and response specialist. The human officer was originally an engineering student but left to pursue a career in law enforcement. Kosta eventually finds himself in a military division that specializes in crisis response.

Interestingly, players may find Kosta a change of pace compared to the other characters in the game. He is the title’s resident comedian, often contributing jokes and quips in the story. The footage showcases all of these, along with Kosta’s combat skills.

For instance, a segment has Kosta confidently leading to a door, saying, “This way.” Unfortunately, the aforementioned door opens and reveals a huge turret. Kosta immediately retracts his statement, saying, “Not this way.”

New Features, Updates

However, the game’s creative director Mac Walters assured players that Kosta’s story will have its “serious” moments. Meanwhile, the player character has the option to respond in kind. This can vary depending on the gamer’s preferred choice of “tone.”

“Tones” replace the original Paragon/Renegade system in the previous games. In the original Mass Effect trilogy, players can only either let characters be “Paragons” or good guys, or “Renegades” or antagonistic beings. Andromeda appears to do away with the concept and instead allowed a slate of different responses depending on the situation. However, the developers did not explain just how this affects the core game’s story.

Meanwhile, the video also shows the new Favorites and Profiles features. Game Rant explains in an article that the features allow players to change their character’s setup. This means gamers can set particular “sets” of armors, weapons, and abilities, and change them whenever they see fit.

These add to some of the much-awaited features of the new game. After all, players will now have the option to customize weapons and change their armor colors. The new dialogue system also gives gamers an idea that the title might indeed place more focus on character relationships instead of the core narrative.

Players can only confirm these for themselves as the game launches this March 21 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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