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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda: Here’s How Character Creation Works

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda: Here’s How Character Creation Works

With the Mass Effect Andromeda release date nearing, most of its newest features are revealed by those who received early copies of the game. One of the returning features, the character customization, offers not only changes to the Rider twins but also to their father.

The recently uploaded video of Mass Effect Andromeda showed that players will have nine default faces to choose from. After selecting the preferred face, they can customize it further by adding more details.

Additional options in Mass Effect Andromeda include hairstyles, skin colors, and proportion sizing and adjustments. Players can also add make-up, scars, tattoos if they want on the face of their characters.

Character customization in the game will surely give creative players a good time because of the options allowed to them. It will surely make them compete for having the most unique-looking characters in the game.

Character Training

According to GameRant, a new aspect called Character Training is added after players have finalized their character customization. In this part, they are asked to select a particular skill set that will define the character’s starting abilities and skills.

Previous reports already confirmed that developers BioWare did not include defined classes in the game. Training will allow them to fit into certain roles by using options such as Leader, Biotic, Operative, Scrapper, Technician or Security.

Before the game actually starts, players can rename their character for the last time, customize their other twin, and define Earth’s first human Spectre. What is different in this game is that Commander Shepard is not a part of Andromeda despite the protagonist for previous games.

What is even weird is that players can change the gender of Commander Shepard before heading into the game. It has not yet been determined how changing his gender to either male of female will affect the gameplay.

Previous Mass Effect Games

Fans are glad that BioWare did not stick to the same features that previous Mass Effect games had. In previous versions, Commander Shepard cannot learn an ability or even hold a weapon not fixed within his class. Players had to follow a specific path, depending on the class selected.

This includes skills and abilities as well so everything is limited. It did not provide players a free selection of their own unlike in Andromeda, as MMORPG reported. The game officially comes out on March 21, 2017, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

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