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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Previews Exploration, New Planets

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Previews Exploration, New Planets

Mass Effect Andromeda is only a few weeks away from its release. Fortunately, BioWare is not letting its players down and has released a number of teaser videos. Fans can now get to know more about the various exploration options in the game.

The game is the latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise. Mass Effect Andromeda is set in the Andromeda galaxy. Players take on the role of the Ryders, a family of explorers out to find new hospitable worlds for an Ark back in the Milky Way. The title boasts an entirely different story separate from the first three Mass Effect installments.

However, with the game slowly reaching its March 21 launch, gamers are ecstatic to know more about its features. Mass Effect Andromeda apparently boasts a lot of exploration and discovery. Regardless, is this worth the wait?

Mass Effect Andromeda: Over 100 Planets

According to Game Rant, a recent gameplay video below shows a whopping 100 planets to explore. However, it was clarified that players will only get to explore some of them and not the massive total. This little bit of information is a bit similar to No Man’s Sky, which is a bit of a sore topic for some players.

It can be remembered that No Man’s Sky boasted a procedural universe so large, no two players will be able to meet each other. However, players started to complain about the game’s lack of depth. A separate Reddit thread explained how the entire No Man’s Sky subreddit was taken down simply because of the backlash of negative comments.

Andromeda appears to want to emphasize more on the planets’ features than its quantity. 100 planets may not be plenty, and having less to explore may not be as satisfying. However, considering the depth of characters and stories surrounding them, it’s an exciting notion to consider for BioWare fans. BioWare adding more planets to Andromeda means there’s more depth to explore – both figuratively and literally.


BioWare also appears to have hinted towards a new “planet scanning” feature that was previously available in Mass Effect 2. In the previous title, players can “scan” planets and gather resources. Others think this may be the best way Andromeda will unveil its exploration feature.

Polygon revealed that planets and their moons are actually visible from the side of the players’ ships. While some of them are the only ones available for exploration, BioWare appears to populate them with characters and new missions. For instance, in the video below, Eladeen is a desert world populated by Krogan. However, it appears these Krogan even struggle to survive its harsh terrain.

Players can traverse the planet using the Nomad vehicle, which allows them to fully explore the unique worlds available in the game. Interestingly, gamers will also have to build a good-enough reputation through side quests to unlock a handful of features in every planet. For instance, in Elaaden, players can only build outposts on the planet once they complete certain missions.

The game will have a March 21 release for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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