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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Review: Title Slammed Over Facial & Scenery Graphics

Mass Effect Andromeda Review
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Review: Title Slammed Over Facial & Scenery Graphics

Days before the Mass Effect Andromeda official release date, streamers, and critics managed to get a copy of the game. It resulted in one Mass Effect Andromeda review after the other saying that the game’s in-game animation failed to live up to its expectations.

One Mass Effect Andromeda review from Twitter even mentioned that the user will not get tired of trashing the new game. Aside from that people have uploaded various reports, videos, and gifs that show the game’s flawed animations.

According to Polygon, this is not the first time that these types of games had a problem before their launch. The difference now is that not a single Mass Effect Andromeda review denied the animation issues the game is facing.

Most, if not all, reports said that the issue is so bad that it affects the gameplay experience for every player. It seems that developers BioWare should have focused more on upgrading the animation instead of the actual gameplay first.

Same Issue as Before

Kotaku reported before that Mass Effect Andromeda had some minor controversies at the start of the year. They received reports that Ryder, the main character, did not show enough emotions in the game. This issue prompted BioWare to announce that it is just a facial performance bug that they will improve.

Mass Effect Andromeda faces the same issue right now that fans have brought to the developers back then. Fans thought that BioWare has finally fixed the problem when they released one of the game trailers containing a love scene.

Just a “Facial Performance Bug”

It is not long until those who received early copies of Mass Effect Andromeda, from EA and BioWare themselves, brought back the issue again. The issue shows the awkwardness of each character whenever interacting with them.

Most of the time, their eyes will just roll around not focusing on the main character that they are talking to. There are also times that NPCs will smile despite almost dying to an enemy attack asking how they survived.

Aside from those, there are also characters that will not emote at all. They will just stare blankly and blink at random intervals. It ruins the serious tone of atmosphere whenever the main characters are talking to them.

Good thing that the facial animation issue is compensated by the amazing environmental animations and scenery. Mass Effect Andromeda will come out on March 21, 2017, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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