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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Debuts New Skills, Weapons

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Debuts New Skills, Weapons

Fans of Mass Effect Andromeda ought to hang on tight. BioWare has just teased a set of gameplay videos, starting with the game’s arsenal. Gamers will finally get to assess the finished quality of the game.

This is interesting, as Mass Effect Andromeda has not revealed much about its gameplay. Players know a little bit about its story, which is reasonable. However, the sparse information on its features is interesting, since it’s a new Mass Effect game away from the usual series.

Regardless, the arrival of these teasers for Mass Effect Andromeda prove that the game is indeed primed for launch. Players who are interested in the game’s overall workings can finally sit back and be calmed down. BioWare is slowly unveiling the framework of the game for exciting players.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Gameplay Videos Incoming

The news came courtesy of a tweet from BioWare’s official Mass Effect account. This is official confirmation that BioWare is finally getting to the peak of the promotion of the new game. However, it does come with a bit of bad news.

The tweet specified that the video it contains is not specifically for the weapons and skills. The said video will actually arrive the next day. However, it is the first in a line of gameplay videos for players to understand the game further.

The announcement declared that tomorrow’s video is an in-depth look. This is not only for the weapons and skills for the game, but for gameplay in general. The video series will essentially give players something to expect from the core game.

What to Expect

Of course, this does not mean there’s no room for speculation. Game Rant elaborates that BioWare did offer details about the game’s weapon system in the past. Assessing earlier gameplay footage will give a rough idea on how combat works in the game.

The good news is that players will be able to craft players using a system, and even name them. As far as customization junkies are concerned, this is a guaranteed good feature as it personalizes the experience. However, what’s more interesting is its skill progression system.

Unlike other roleplaying games (RPGs) that are class-specific, Mass Effect‘s new game will have a more dynamic progression system. Players are now able to choose from a variety of skill trees or “specializations” for the Ryder protagonist they choose. This is unlike other installments of the game where players stick to a certain class.

Interestingly, fans will have to find out for themselves if they will eventually get to follow a specific path, or be able to pursue everything at once. Of course, only tomorrow’s video will get to elaborate on this. The game releases on the spring of 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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