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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: Meet The New Aliens & Enemies

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: Meet The New Aliens & Enemies

BioWare finally unveils more information on Mass Effect Andromeda. Fans of the franchise can get a closer look at the new aliens in the game. This can help put players in perspective as to just what are they doing in the new galaxy.

BioWare and N7 have revealed very little information as to just what is going on in Mass Effect Andromeda. Based on the recent trailers, it seems that really is the case. However, fans can find this in a positive light based on the nature of the player’s team and their mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda brings players to the Andromeda galaxy. It appears they are on a mission to help save a crew of an “ark” of sorts thousands of light years away. However, just where will their mission bring them?

Mass Effect Andromeda: Aliens, Enemies

According to io9, players are called “Pathfinders.” They are explorers and soldiers in need of a new home in the Andromeda galaxy. The journey takes them to various star systems and planets to ensure the survival of the ark.

However, their journey takes them on the path of Arkon, the primary villain of the series. He appears to be collecting and trapping “representatives” from races across the galaxy. Players will be tasked to form a “team” of their own, comprised of aliens who want to defect from Arkon’s “rule.”

A Game Informer exclusive revealed that the name of the species of the alien bad guys are called the Kett, courtesy of Andromeda art director Joel MacMillan. The art director said creating the races started with how “alien” they are. A new question arose: given that the Milky Way galaxy aliens are more human-like with their actions, are Andromeda galaxy aliens similar?

MacMillan said the answer was a “yes,” given that they want players to be able to associate themselves with them. The Kett are both foreboding and empathizing, to fit the side stories in the game. They also have bone armors, which is a unique take on the franchise’s races so far.

Other races are called the Asari, the Salarians, the Batarians and the Krogan. As to how hostile these new aliens will be, only the game can tell. However, given the improved dialogue system that has been teased by BioWare, it seems players have a lot of opportunities to make allies.

New encounters, betrayals?

Mass Effect is known for its very dynamic encounter system. This allows players to make friends or enemies with non-player characters (NPCs). Their dynamic with certain NPCs allow them interesting opportunities both in battle and even in romance.

However, the previous interactive system in the franchise will be replaced with a new system in Andromeda. Not much is revealed about the new system at this point. However, fans are expected to have more realistic encounters with their new NPCs. Given that a new set of aliens and enemies are introduced, will players be able to turn them on their side as well?

Players can stay tuned for more Andromeda news in the coming weeks. The game is slated for a March 21, 2017 release for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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