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[Watch] Meet The Mass Effect Andromeda Characters In New Briefing Video

Mass Effect Andromeda Characters
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Mass Effect

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[Watch] Meet The Mass Effect Andromeda Characters In New Briefing Video

BioWare is making sure you’re all hyped up for their upcoming Mass Effect game. In their new briefing video, introductions for the new Mass Effect Andromeda characters came up, letting players get to know the new team.

Some of the Mass Effect Andromeda characters will already be familiar to some. For instance, Alec Ryder is already someone that previous Mass Effect players already know.

The new Mass Effect Andromeda characters, also known as the Pathfinder Team, are responsible for finding potential golden worlds to call their home. In the game’s timeline, there are 20,000 people stranded in space. Due to this, the Pathfinder Team makes sure the new worlds they’re going to inhabit are safe and livable.

Andromeda is set hundreds of years after the previous Mass Effect games. But Development Director Chris Wynn said that it’s similar to Mass Effect 3, though there will be new elements that make it more dynamic.

Alec Ryder

The first member of the team introduced in the briefing video is Alec Ryder. He’s already a familiar face since he’s a member of the original task force. He’s also known as Pops.

He’s described to be a skilled soldier. In addition, he’s a scientist and responsible for taking “humanity’s first steps across the galaxy”.

Liam Kosta

Liam is a crisis response specialist. The video didn’t talk about him much, but Alec Ryder personally picked him to join the team.

Sarah and Scott Ryder

Known as the father and daughter duo, Sarah and Scott Ryder are System Alliance soldiers. Scott’s assignment used to be near Arcturus Station while Sarah was with the Prothean Research Team.

Cora Harper

The second in command of the team. Cora Harper is the narrator of the video and a biotic. In addition, she’s a member of the military exchange program Valkyrie.


Finally, the last member introduced to the team is SAM. SAM is short for Simulated Adaptive Matrix. It is the team’s Artificial Intelligence system. The characteristics for SAM say that it can “see and feel as Ryder does”.

SAM helps the members of the team with situational awareness, problem solving and tactical enhancement. Furthermore, all the members of the team have an implant that lets them communicate with SAM.

There you have it. The Pathfinder Team on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Be sure to watch the briefing video below before the game comes out on March 23 in Europe and March 21 in North America.

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