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[Watch] New Fire Emblem Heroes Characters & Missions In Latest Update

Fire Emblem Heroes
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[Watch] New Fire Emblem Heroes Characters & Missions In Latest Update

After receiving its first major tweak, a new Fire Emblem Heroes update is on the way. Nintendo’s tactical mobile game will add new characters and quests. This new patch will serve as a follow-up to the Family Bonds update released earlier this month.

Latest Fire Emblem: Heroes Update

According to Game Rant, the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes update will bring a new set of characters. In keeping with the Siblings theme, six new playable characters include Sanaki from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Klein from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Reinhardt, and Olwen from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, and Eldigan and Lachesis from Fire Emblem: Geneaology of the Holy War.

In addition, three new Fire Emblem Heroes Paralogue missions will be added which enables players to meet the new characters. These missions will be available in three levels – normal, hard and lunatic difficulty modes. An orb is awarded completed mission which means that there are nine total orbs up for grabs.

Relatedly, Nintendo Wire adds that rewards will be given when players use the Focus characters and when the three new paralogue maps are cleared. It’s important to collect orbs ASAP because Focus lasts for about two weeks only. This means gamers will likely have until March 15 to accomplish everything.

Bonus Orb Program

In addition to the new mobile content, the gaming firm has also confirmed that they will be continuing the bonus orb program, which gives players two free orbs for logging in until March 14. Orbs are critical to gameplay and are responsible for recharging stamina that allows gameplay to continue. Moreover, Mobile Syrup notes additional orbs are also available for purchase.

Game Rant adds that the program will benefit players who weren’t able to try the Fire Emblem: Heroes re-roll tactic during the beginning of the game.

Lastly, gamers can expect March will bring a lot of new goodies. The company has revealed that in March, players will be able to earn rewards when characters are able to defeat lower level characters. This is an issue for players who have reached top levels and are unable to proceed further into the game.

This upcoming patch is in line with Nintendo’s promise to release new content twice a month.

The Fire Emblem: Heroes game is available on both iOS and Android. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment box below:

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