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[Watch] New Halo Wars 2 Trailers Show General Atriox Vs. Captain Cutter

Halo Wars 2

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[Watch] New Halo Wars 2 Trailers Show General Atriox Vs. Captain Cutter

Halo Wars 2 is in the news for its trailers which showcase Captain Cutter taking on General Atroix. Microsoft has already started its promotional campaign for the game which will be released pretty soon. Microsoft is showcasing live-action short trailers with the leaders of the two game factions pitted against each other.

Halo Wars 2 is eagerly anticipated by gamers and enthusiasts. The new trailers have generated immense excitement online. The Captain and General are seen slugging it out in a new contest amidst familiar settings.

The very first Halo Wars 2 trailer showcases the heroes taking up the never-ending debate on who gets the armrest while on a flight. VG 24/7 reports that the second trailer has Captain Cutter wanting to purchase a car. He wishes to purchase this car for a lower amount as compared to what is being charged by General Atroix.

GameSpot reports that tactical skills represent the main component of the struggle between the two leaders in the trailers. Microsoft’s trailers are really unique and fulfilling, according to a wide section of fans. The novelty elements and situations promise to help the game lure more fans worldwide.

Will These Scenarios Appear in the Game? 

These scenarios are not going to be present in the actual game. They may appear only if the modding part becomes a lot more creative than expected. However, full on warfare is the mainstay of the game and this should delight fans nonetheless.

The game is a Play Anywhere title which means that you receive both the builds irrespective of the platform you buy the game for. There are several special editions available for both platforms as well.

The game’s original development is credited to the team who worked on Age of Empires at Ensemble. This team came together under the Robot Entertainment banner after fragmentation. The Creative Assembly is presenting Halo Wars 2 now and has titles like Total War under its belt.

More Information

The launch date of the game is on the 21st of February, 2017. Fans purchasing the Ultimate Edition can commence playing from the 17th of February itself. This edition is priced at $80.

The special 1 TB Xbox One S bundle is launching on the 17th of February. This comes with the Ultimate Edition and is priced at $350. Microsoft has also released several statistics detailing the leader who is most popular, as well as some other interesting data on the game.

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