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[Watch] New Omori Game Trailer Shows More Gameplay & Setting

Omori Game
Image source: screen grab from Youtube/Omo Cat account


[Watch] New Omori Game Trailer Shows More Gameplay & Setting

The Omori game is a surreal and psychological horror exploration RPG game created by Omocat. The game was launched by a Kickstarter in April 21, 2014 so that it can be funded. Now, a total of 5,910 backers pledged an amount of $203,300 to help bring the project to life.

Omori was supposed to be brought to life in a PC and Nintendo 3DS game. But since 2017 has already begun and the Omori game is nowhere to be found, Omocat has released a trailer of the game along with an official explanation as to why the game has not been released yet after the long wait and a sufficient amount of funds donated to the game.

Omori’s Story

The game is about the story of Omori, who is a “depressed otaku” who is usually upset. He has been living in White Space for as long as he can remember. Omori’s neighbors invite him over for a visit on good days. Once, he was a character who lived on a blog.

Omocat completed the story in 2012. It is a short story about him and his neighbors. A sketchbook was also made featuring Omori’s creations. A graphic novel about Omori has also been drafted.


Watch the latest in Omori’s world here:

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Reasons for Delay

Omocat and her team tried their best to finish the game to make the deadline in 2016 but they have confirmed that the release date will have to be delayed again.

The delay of the Omori game was connected to the upgrade of the engine that the team was using, called the RPGMaker VX Ace. They had bugs during the creation of the game which caused them to transfer from RPGMaker VX Ace to RPGMaker MV. They did this so that they could also have a Mac OS platform for the game. In addition, the VX Ace was also an outdated program. The team also said that if they had stuck with the old deadlines, the game “had a large chance of not running at all on most computers and would not receive any updates to resolve these issue.”

RPG Maker MV also had to upgrade its graphics engine from PIXI2 to PIXI4 because the game had a lot of graphic performance problems. They also had to change the core system of the game multiple times to solve performance issues and to ensure compatibility. Since the game is graphic-heavy, the change in technology also meant that every change in the graphics had to be formatted with Javascript or HTML5  to prevent failures in performance.

Omocat’s team will send out pin sets, t-shirts, and crewnecks in February 2017 to compensate for the delay. Due to the delays, the release date is yet to be announced. The Omori game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and PC and even Mac if the Stretch Goal is reached.

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