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[Watch] New Trailer For Rime Gameplay Confirms Xbox, PC & Switch Release

Rime Gameplay
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / IGN


[Watch] New Trailer For Rime Gameplay Confirms Xbox, PC & Switch Release

Tequila Works’ adventure game Rime is finally slated for release and a trailer for Rime gameplay is out to tease players.

After a year without any news from Tequila Works, Rime is revealed to be released in the first half of 2017. The announcement comes from IGN who released a teaser of the Rime gameplay first. The video shows players the imagery that reminds many of The Legend of Zelda and The Last Guardian. Rime has a cartoon-like, 2D vibe but looks stunning as the scenery changes from grassland to underwater. Several creatures both in animal form and machine form can be seen chasing after the protagonist, which makes the setting of the storyline interesting.

Rime was revealed back in Gamescom 2013. IGN describes Rime as a game wherein players must navigate through the island and escape it using only sound, perspective, light and time.

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Available To Many Consoles

Rime was exclusively a PS4 game but the trailer revealed that it’s available on the PC, Switch and Xbox One. Sony pulled out of the deal in March 2016 which led to Tequila Works announcing that the game can be played via several platforms, much to fans’ enjoyment.

“This will be perfect on the Switch,” a user who goes by the name Scythe on Youtube commented on the trailer, which a lot of people seemed to agree on.

Just by watching the trailer, players can already gauge Rime gameplay for what it is: solving puzzles and completing a mission to leave the island, one of which is probably looking for that red hooded figure. It looks to be an intriguing and challenging game and worth the long wait for players who are fans of these types of gameplay.

Check out Rime’s trailer below and watch out for its release in May.

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