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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay: Amusement Park & Department Store Locations

Nier Automata

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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay: Amusement Park & Department Store Locations

Nier Automata remains to be one of the most-anticipated titles from Square Enix. A recent trailer has revealed more new areas in the game. All of them appear to be very quirky areas, befitting the playful and gothic-dystopia vibe of the game.

This Nier Automata showcase reveals more about the overall theme and aesthetic of the game. Although players have already been given access to a PlayStation 4 demo, small tidbits like these add flavor to the game. However, just where are these locations?

Square Enix reveals more information about Nier Automata and these new areas below. It is interesting to see and speculate just how the main characters will interact with these new zones. Not to mention, if new characters are on their way.

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This news is courtesy of new footage during the Taipei Game Show 2017. The two new areas include an abandoned amusement park, as well as an abandoned department store. These areas appear to be battlegrounds as well, though there is much to appreciate in their aesthestics.

According to the YouTube footage, the areas themselves are already wonderful-looking. Their desolate and isolated nature adds “flair” to the gothic appearance of the main characters. The amusement park is a derelict structure, completely devoid of the joy and humanity it used to provide. Interestingly, its still operation as fireworks explode in its introduction.

The department store appears to be jungle-like in its appearance. This indicates prolonged exposure to the elements of nature as foliage and other plant life are all around it. A complex sewer system below it is filled with dead bodies of androids, but it provides safe passage for players.

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The end of the game preview is set atop a radio tower. This allows players to view the city in its full glory. However, another video shows a bit of gameplay for players to relish in.

Characters are able to fish with their pods. Fish will nibble the pod and make players pull it back. There are no indications just what can be obtained through fishing, but it’s refreshing to see a classic role-playing game element make its way to the game.

The game will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, the United States and Europe on February 23, March 7 and March 10 respectively. A PC version of the game is in the works, and is speculated to be released this year.

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