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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay: Buffs System, Fishing Minigame & More

Nier Automata

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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay: Buffs System, Fishing Minigame & More

Square Enix is looking to take a turn for the post-apocalyptic with Nier Automata. However, the publisher made sure to add elements that made “living” fun. Of course, in a roleplaying game (RPG) with a world overrun by robots, “living” can be a relative term.

Nier Automata is a sequel to the 2010 game Nier. The series itself is a spinoff of the Drakengard series. The title and the series retain some highlights from their parent franchise that fans loved. All games under the Drakengard wing have a rather bleak premise. However, the entries try to compensate with compelling storytelling.

In this case, Nier Automata is set in a war between machines and humanity. The game stars 2B, a female combat android, and 9S, her companion, as they traverse this dark and desolated reality. The title will supposedly have themes related to human instinct. Series creator Yoko Taro said the game will center on topics such as prejudice, running away from problems, and impulse towards violence.

Nier Automata: New Features, Gameplay

However, despite the game’s rather dark premise, its RPG elements try to redeem its gloomy atmosphere. As per new gameplay footage below, Square Enix showcases some vital features of the title. The video itself is 27 minutes long, but it may show enough of what players need to be hyped.

According to Gematsu, it appears combat in the game will be diversified to meet a variety of playstyles. However, the complexity of customization in the title appears to be an indication of difficult battles. For instance, the new Reliquary System will allow players to return to where they were defeated to gain “rewards.”

These come in form of additionally buffs, or even a new ally. These will hopefully help them defeat the previous threat that destroyed 2B and 9S. Hopefully, this works in tandem with the new Riding System, which allows players to ride various creatures to explore and attack.

More RPG Elements

According to Game Informer, players also have the option to customize the two androids with Plug-in Chips. These are added to the bodies of the machines to add buffs and new skills. Speaking of which, there are at least 17 skills that the Pod – or the robot companion – can have. These range from lasers, hammers, and more.

Fans looking for more classic RPG elements will still find them in the game. The title features a main Quest Hub, which contains a variety of missions for them to accomplish. Lastly, there’s a Fishing minigame that helps players get buffs by catching fish.

Fans will only have to wait a while longer as the game is set for a PlayStation 4 and PC release in the next few weeks. Players in North America can get it on March 7, while fans in Europe can get the game on March 10.

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