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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay Explores Open World in New Trailer

Nier Automata

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[Watch] Nier Automata Gameplay Explores Open World in New Trailer

Square Enix reveals some more information about the depth of exploration in Nier Automata. It appears the game’s world will be extensive. This is good news for fans of the much-awaited Square Enix game.

Nier Automata can be considered by many as quite the odd game. After all, it crosses over a Gothic-inspired world with that of a cyberpunk premise. Either way, it appears it works.

Now fans cannot wait to get to know more about Nier Automata and its inner workings. It also seems Square Enix is more than glad to provide a sneak peek to some of the game’s newest features. This time, some players got to see the game’s world in action.

Nier Automata: Open World Feel

The news came courtesy of a PlayStation Underground gameplay video. The game footage seems to reveal more about the game’s post-apocalyptic world. Fans will also notice the revamping of the original Nier‘s combat system, which was emphasized in the video.

However, according to Game Rant, perhaps the game shines in the way Platinum Games and Square Enix presented the world of the protagonists. There is a sheer amount of desperation and fear that lurks within the ruinous and derelict landscape. The fact that there are more robots than humans present a dichotomy between the two forces at war in the game.

Android 2B, one of the stars of the game, is seen travelling the world with her android companions. The gameplay video also allowed players to see the game in a new light. Outside the robot-versus-robot action, there are empty buildings and small patches of human resistance.

New Updates, Features

Sadly, the gameplay video does not offer much about the game’s story. However, the feeling of the original Nier game is indeed kept. The best change however comes in the game’s combat system.

According to PC Gamers N, the game seems to take elements from recent releases such as Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts in that it is more fluid. It takes the Square Enix trademark of blending roleplaying game (RPG) elements and action combat altogether. Players have multiple options during combat, which shows off Android 2B’s grace despite being outnumbered.

Not much was revealed as to how expansive the options could get. However, the fact that Android 2B can use a wide variety of movement means there are a lot of combat opportunities to enjoy. Hopefully Square Enix will also give a sneak peek of a more in-depth study of the game’s RPG elements.

The game is set to have a March 7, 2017 release for the PlayStation 4, with an upcoming PC release sometime within the year.

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