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[Watch] Nights of Azure 2 Trailer ‘Forbidden Lily Plus’ Released

Nights of Azure 2
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[Watch] Nights of Azure 2 Trailer ‘Forbidden Lily Plus’ Released

Gust Co. Ltd. has released a new trailer for Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. Titled ‘Forbidden Lily Plus’, it serves as an update to the first trailer released around November.

First announced around August this year, the 2nd Nights of Azure game would feature a new protagonist this time, Alushe. While not a direct sequel, the upcoming Nights of Azure game still seems to take place in the same world. Even if it wasn’t specifically addressed yet, the return of Arnice, the main protagonist from the first game, is a testament to this.

Nights of Azure 2 Trailer ‘Forbidden Lily Plus’

The trailer below might appear similar to the first trailer at first glance, but one would notice the differences while watching it. Aside from some scenes shown in different angles, the graphical enhancement on the character models are quite noticeable.

Appropriately titled the ‘Forbidden Lily Plus’, the trailer gives players a closer look into the upcoming ‘Lily’ system in the game, and how it would impact the combat system in the game. Main protagonist Alushe is also shown spending some quality time, and being more intimate with her ‘Lily’ partners.

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The ‘Servan’ system

Making a contract with Demons, or the ‘Servan’ system from the first game would still be present. This is alongside the upcoming ‘Lily’ game mechanic. Now, the player is capable of summoning a max of 2 ‘Servans’ and a ‘Lily’ into battle. This grants the player access to a huge variety of attack and support combinations.

The new ‘Lily’ partner system

The new ‘Lily’ mechanic not only plays a role in the combat system, but in the story as well. Comparable to the game Thousand Arms, the ‘Lily’ partner system is a dating sim that also has an impact on the game play. The skills and fighting style of a ‘Lily’ also reflects her personality.

Aside from obviously having a major role in the game, it still wasn’t specified if Arnice could also become a ‘Lily’ in the 2nd Nights of Azure.

The game was originally meant to be released December 22 in Japan. However, it was delayed and moved to February next year. Nights of Azure 2 is reported to have an English release also, although no estimated date has been provided yet.

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