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[Watch] Nintendo Switch Specs Flaunt Touchscreen Capabilities

Nintendo Switch


[Watch] Nintendo Switch Specs Flaunt Touchscreen Capabilities

Nintendo’s highly anticipated console is making waves in the gaming industry. However, it seems the Nintendo Switch has more surprises. New footage seems to show that the Switch in fact has some amazing new features.

The Nintendo Switch is geared not only to replace the Nintendo Wii U, but to also be on-par with the Nintendo 3DS. It appears the console seeks to gain this appreciative value by including a touchscreen feature. This was in fact highlighted by recent footage.

Nintendo did have a January presentation that showcased the Nintendo Switch as a whole. However, considering that they also have demonstration days, then gamers can safely conclude that more surprises are on the way. They are right, as the handheld hybrid device has a ton of new features.

Nintendo Switch: New Touchscreen

This particular tidbit on the Switch’s touchscreen was courtesy of YouTuber GamingWithMe. The user shows off the Switch’s touchscreen capabilities through a Skylanders Imaginators gameplay video. The gameplay with the touchscreen is not extensive, but it may be enough to show a lot of the Switch’s potential.

According to Game Rant, the touchscreen is extremely responsive and easy to use. The visuals are stunning, despite being limited to 720p on the handheld version. Players can jump to 6:35 in the video for a touchscreen demonstration.

GamingWithMe mentioned that the touchscreen does not appear to work with every game available on the system. The touchscreen is only active for certain games or screens. Interestingly, the final version may have a button that switches the touchscreen on and off for certain games. However, Nintendo has not revealed anything about such a feature yet.

More Features

The showcase of the touchscreen feature via a gameplay video and not an actual event is interesting. This is especially since Nintendo appears to want to emphasize the difference in tech between the new console and the Wii U and the 3DS. The older models used resistive screens for touchscreen, while the Switch appears to rely on capacitive touch.

This means, controls should be easier and navigation should be smoother. On the player’s side, there is guaranteed sensitivity. The video also shows how quickly the Switch “switches” between console and handheld. The gaming device can switch in apparently three seconds, which is very speedy.

It’s unclear which titles will use the console’s touchscreen capability. The video only confirms Skylander Imaginators, one of the Switch’s launch games, to use this. Other launch games include Zelda Breath of the Wild, but it’s not known if this will have a special touchscreen feature.

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