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[Watch] Overwatch Chinese New Year Event Hints At New Mode

Screen grab from Overwatch Korea Twitter Account

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[Watch] Overwatch Chinese New Year Event Hints At New Mode

Chinese social media site Weibo recently leaked a video related to the Chinese New Year event for Overwatch. The leaked video revealed a new mode called Capture the Flag.

Overwatch Chinese New Year Event Leaked

The video leaked on Chinese social media site Weibo showed a new mode. Furthermore, the leaked clip revealed a bunch of new skins that will be made available once the Overwatch Chinese New Year event is rolled out.

The Overwatch Year of the Rooster event will be the same in scope, just like other events launched by Blizzard in the past. Furthermore, it has been revealed that there are other events to be launched soon, such as a Valentine’s day event in February. However, the Valentine’s day event is still a rumor, and Blizzard has not confirmed if it will happen soon.

Here is the video from Weibo:

Capture The Flag Mode

Meanwhile, a capture the flag mode was teased in the Weibo video as well. It shows one of the characters shooting someone, while there’s a blazing blue flag with a rooster emblem floating at the back.

The video suggests that the event will happen on January 31. Chinese fans clarified that the ad is offering a discount for its local players on the 31st of January to the 6th of February. This explains why the dates are quite different in China.

New Skins

Even though the video is a little bit low in resolution, it revealed a lot about the costumes that will be on display for the characters. The video teased Symmetra wearing a red and gold dress, which is very appropriate for the festivities. Even more, it showed Roadhog, Winston, Reinhardt, and Zenyatta looking like the characters from a classic Chinese fable. The fable titled Journey to the West, features a myriad of animals that are included in the Chinese Zodiac.

The skins can be seen more clearly in an ad leaked online. A poster from a Chinese ticketing service called Gemara displayed the characters in their Chinese new year outfits in Reddit.

The game’s Year Of The Rooster event will happen on January 24. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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