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[Watch] Persona 5 Characters Reveal New Costumes From Predecessors

Persona 5


[Watch] Persona 5 Characters Reveal New Costumes From Predecessors

Persona fans, get ready to travel to the past with the newest Persona 5 update. This allows characters to dress up as classic Persona characters. However, it seems the downloadable content (DLC) packs have more to offer than just costumes.

Persona 5 provided yet another unique perspective in the franchise. This time, the protagonists are a group of students by day and thieves by night. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, as they are called, fight Shadows in order to retrieve the souls of adults.

The latest Persona game also has a couple of DLCs available. The new Persona 5 DLC pays homage to the various titles before them. What do the new DLCs have?

Blast From the Past

The three new DLCs were announced courtesy of the official Atlus USA Twitter account. Three separate tweets came with teasers as to just what sort of “throwback” the DLCs have. It appears the three DLCs are related to the first three Persona titles.

This tweet hinted towards a DLC about Persona 3. It was first developed for the PlayStation 2 and received a PlayStation Portable port in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The story takes place in Iwatodai and follows a group of students that are members of “SEES.” They fight monsters during a time called the Dark Hour.

The second DLC tweet is about the second game in the series. Titled Persona 2: Innocent Sin, it was released in 1999 for the PlayStation. It follows the story of Tatsuya Suou, a student of Seven Sisters High. The character solved a mystery about a reality-altering phenomena around the campus.

This DLC tweet is about the first ever Persona title. It was released back in 1996 for the PlayStation, with a PC port in 1999. The game is set in the town of Mikage-cho. It follows a group of students who were forced to fight an outbreak of demons in the town.

New updates, features

The tweets also mentioned that aside from costumes, the DLCs will also include the games’ respective soundtracks. It is not yet revealed if players can access costumes per “set,” or if individual characters can wear separate pieces from different games. Regardless, this is indeed a good throwback for fans of the franchise.

According to Siliconera, DLCs released for the game so far included costumes from the puzzle game Catherine. This was another game from Atlus. Interestingly, the new Persona “throwback” DLCs may hint towards more classic content.

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