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[Watch] Persona 5 Characters Sport ‘Catherine’ Costumes In DLC

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[Watch] Persona 5 Characters Sport ‘Catherine’ Costumes In DLC

Persona 5 characters look dashing in Catherine costumes. Atlus USA posted up a video of what the gameplay looks like with Catherine outfits in the mix and Western fans are thrilled to be getting such downloadable content (DLC).

Atlus USA confirmed via their Twitter page that Western players of Persona 5 won’t be left out in getting the Catherine DLC costume. As shown in the video they posted, several of their characters are dressed in the outfits of the game developed by Atlus back in 2011.

In the video, the protagonist for Persona 5 is wearing a Vincent outfit. Ryuji is wearing an Orlando outfit while Anne is wearing the Catherine outfit. Morgana is noted to be in a sheep costume.

The costume DLC is available for Japan versions. It will also be available for Western versions once the game releases in April.


Catherine was a popular game by Atlus back in 2011. The gameplay is set on Vincent Brooks and his inability to commit to marriage to his girlfriend Katherine, leading to him having nightmares. He goes back and forth between the real world and dream world facing Catherine, the succubus.

The game is playable on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is noted that the team who worked on Catherine also worked on this Persona game.


Persona was originally set for an early release in the US. However, it was delayed to April with developers citing that the game needed to be polished.

However, even if the game is already delayed, Atlus has still made DLCs for the game available. This has fans already excited for the release while others are more concerned whether the DLC will be free or not.

The game has already been available in Japan since September 2016. It will make its way to North America on April 4, 2017.

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