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[Watch] Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer: How Palace Dungeons Work

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Image screengrabbed from: Youtube / Gematsu


[Watch] Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer: How Palace Dungeons Work

Atlus has revealed more information regarding their newest Persona 5 game via a trailer. The video reveals more of the gameplay one will come across in the Palaces. Read on to know how to defeat the evils inside them.

In the trailer, one is shown what goes on inside the Palaces in Persona 5 and what kinds of enemies await the players. Here, you’re given a glimpse of what to expect in every corner and shown how to go about the obstacles in the game.

As for combat, Persona 5 reveals that you can speak to enemies aside from just fighting them. The trailer also shows that you can “pass the baton” to someone fighting alongside you who has a higher chance of taking down the enemy.

Game Storyline

In the game, the Phantom Thieves still keep up their disguises as Japanese high school students during the day. At night, they travel to Metaverse where the world is made up of the “most distorted desires” of people that transform into Palaces.

To enter a palace, a team picks out a target and enters the Metaverse via the navigator app on their phone. Once they’re inside, they’re greeted with puzzles for them to solve. There are also shadows to fight off and eventually, the Palace ruler whom they must defeat.

One must also steal the tagert’s treasure to save whoever is ruling the Palace from their evil desires. Each Palace looks different, so it’ll be a challenge to go about each and every one of them in the game.


One doesn’t simply infiltrate the palace without planning out every move. Sneaking up against enemies or ambushing Shadows are highly recommended in this game to finish the mission. Once a Phantom Thief is caught several times, they’ll be kicked off the Metaverse and will have to wait until the next day to return.

The game will be available on the Playstation 4 and 3 this April 4. Watch the trailer released by Atlus below:

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