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[Watch] Persona 5 Release Date News: Meet The New Confidants

Persona 5
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[Watch] Persona 5 Release Date News: Meet The New Confidants

Persona 5 is coming in just a few months. Atlus is letting the hype and excitement continue by releasing more details of their characters and gameplay.

For those who are not familiar with Persona 5, it’s a game wherein Phantom thieves disguise as high school students during the day. But at night, they enter Metaverse, a world where Palaces that consists of the “most distorted desires” from different people take place.

Here, the protagonists from Persona 5 must enter the Palaces, solve the puzzles they’re faced with and fight off shadows. They’ll eventually take on the Palace ruler and treasure so they can help free the person from their evil desires.

The game is set for release this April 4 on the Playstation 4 and 3. Fans of the Phantom series are most excited to have this game return this year. In addition, a recent update from Atlus USA shows more characters or confidants involved in the game.

Shinya Oda

Looking to build up your shooting skills? It’s Shinya Oda you need to train with. Shinya Oda is a master at “Gun About” and can help you learn how to use your firearms.

Shinya Oda will teach you all about scaring your enemies. He’ll also make sure you’re able to perform a successful ambush.

Ichiko Ohya

It’s not only tough fighting that can get you through the game. You’ll need a bit of publicity too if you’re going to get the public on your side.

Ichiko Ohya will help you. The Phantom Thieves supplies her with facts about them while Ichiko Ohya writes about them.

Chihaya Mifune

Chihaya Mifune is a fortune teller and a really good one at that. Having your fortune told by Mifune will help you increase a social stat or strengthen a bond with a confidant.

Yuuki Mishima

The Phantom Thieves are going to be popular so who’s going to manage the fansite? Yuuki Mishima will help you. He’ll be in charge of supporting the team.

As a confidant, he has the ability to allow backup members to earn a little EXP (experience). He’ll also increase EXP which Thieves will earn from a battle.

Are you ready for Persona 5’s release? Check out all the trailers for the confidants below.

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