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[Watch] Persona 5 Trailer: Meet The Velvet Room Assistants

Persona 5
Persona 5: Introducing Caroline & Justine (YouTube/ AtlusUSA Screengrab)


[Watch] Persona 5 Trailer: Meet The Velvet Room Assistants

Atlus’ Persona 5 has recently released a trailer which took fans into a familiar space. With the game’s release less than a month away, a new trailer has introduced gamers to Caroline and Justine. They are Igor’s twin assistants in the Velvet Room.

The Persona 5 Velvet room is a place where Persona protagonists are invited into. It’s similar to a midway realm between mind and matter as well as dream and reality.

Who Are Caroline and Justine?

According to Atlus (via Dual Shockers), the Velvet Room “is a place where Personas can be experimented on with reckless abandon,” but there is always a catch. With the protagonist being a prisoner of the room, being a mad scientist is an earned privilege. Advanced features like training and strengthening are available but with help of the Twins.

Aside from being Igor’s assistants, the twin wardens act as Confidants in the game. They are “rehabilitation officers” who oversee the protagonist’s stay and spend time with them as they complete their prison work.

Moreover, the twins can be difficult to tell apart. Just in case you find it difficult, Caroline is the meaner twin while Justine is the nicer one. The new twins are different from earlier assistants, Elizabeth and Margaret, on P3 and P4, respectively. Gaming Bolt noted the new pair seem like a better fit to the game’s overall tone.

Here’s What We Know About Persona 5

According to Kotaku, the game is “very Japanese” in terms of its design and character. Further, it’s created in such a way that follows the culture’s game construct. Basically, P5 is free of influences and preferences from the outside world.

This is the sixth game of the role-playing Persona series. A persona is a manifestation of a character’s personalities. Based on the theory of psychiatrist Carl Jung, a Persona is like a “mask” characters don during times of hardships. Basically, you use a Persona in a battle in order to perform powerful attacks.

The game follows a group of teens around Japan but in various settings. Storylines take place over a course of a year where the characters attend schools, deal with conflicts and even attend holidays. Battlefields are also present where you can explore, fight or run – but the most effective way to take down an enemy is to find their weak point.

Persona 5 is currently available for PS4 and PS3 in Japan. P5 will launch on April 4, 2017, in North America and Europe.

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