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[Watch] Persona 5 Trailer Teases What To Expect On April 4 Launch

Persona 5


[Watch] Persona 5 Trailer Teases What To Expect On April 4 Launch

The Phantom Thieves are making their way to their Western fans as Atlus releases a new trailer for Persona 5. Its newest teaser shows the popular Persona installment in its localized form. Fans of the franchise can be assured that the game launches in the United States and Europe on April 4, despite previous delays.

Persona 5 is the latest installment of Atlus’s Persona franchise. The series itself is a spin-off of the publisher’s hit Megami Tensei line of games. Persona puts players in the shoes of a group of students who are trying to stop an otherworldly threat with the help of “personas,” or monstrous manifestations of psyches.

In this case, Persona 5 tells the story of the Phantom Thieves. They are a group of high school students out to solve a conspiracy involving an enigmatic group of antagonists stealing the hearts of adults. Atlus released the game last 2016 in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and 4.

Persona 5: Delayed No More

The new trailer is courtesy of the Atlus YouTube channel and showcases the game in its localized form. Atlus describes the video as a “sizzle trailer” that shows just what players can expect from the title. Fans of the franchise can finally see for themselves just how the story and characters play out for Western audiences.

Game Bolt praises the voice acting and overall localization of the title. Atlus itself is not new to the business as they have released quite a lot of their titles in the United States and Europe. The two-minute trailer teases the variation of voice work among actors, including their battle speeches and performance in actual cutscenes.

Fans of the franchise can finally see the game released to the US and Europe, as this was delayed last year. However, Sony guarantees a lot of new features for gamers that waited for complete localization. A previous PlayStation blog post explained that players will not just get the main game during their purchase, but also all the downloadable content (DLC) for free.

The localized release will also come with dual audio. Gamers can play the title in both English and Japanese, complete with subtitles. This is good news for players who want to compare the voice work in the title for both languages.

Story, What To Expect

The title takes place in Tokyo during the present day. Persona players take the form of the usual silent protagonist. However, they get themselves into a world of conspiracies after he is transferred to the Shujin High School. The player and his friends slowly awaken their “Persona” abilities and become the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Players have to explore the mysterious Palace realm to solve a case of “stolen hearts.” The title provides gamers with a variety of interactive elements to immerse themselves in the realm and in Tokyo. Fans will remember classic Persona elements such as dungeon exploring in order to level up and capture more personas.

Atlus fans will also see the return of social interactions that allow them to develop relationships with other characters. This gives players the opportunity to gather exclusive power ups and boosts throughout the game. Fans can get the title on April 4, 2017 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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