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[Watch] PewDiePie 2017 Responds To Anti-Semitic Controversy



[Watch] PewDiePie 2017 Responds To Anti-Semitic Controversy

YouTube sensation PewDiePie has found himself in a rough patch after a recent controversy. In a time when all of a person’s activities are revealed online, mistakes are easily found by others. However, is his apology enough for viewers?

It can be remembered that Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg found himself in hot water after a series of videos that show what appears to be anti-Semitic remarks to viewers. The controversy got too intense to a point that even Disney and YouTube stepped in. Now, Kjellberg is set to make a stance.

However, it is an interesting question for YouTube viewers if PewDiePie can still recover from the incident. After all, he is considered one of the most popular internet celebrities of all time. Either way, it seems his apology is a start.

PewDiePie: The Apology

GameRant elaborates on the apology Kjellberg posted on YouTube, which can be found uploaded below. The YouTuber first slammed media outlets for their “harsh” criticism, claiming that they attacked him right away with his profits. The criticisms were especially directed at The Wall Street Journal, specifically Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas and Ben Fritz, for “attacking him.”

He said the attack was aimed to decrease his influence and economic work. He added that “old newspapers” could not comprehend “influencers” of modern times. However, it is interesting to take note that Kjellberg has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube, at 53 million, and does make a substantial profit from them.

Kjellberg also explained that the anti-Semitic joke from the two guys on Fiverr was a statement on how far people would go for $5. He added The Wall Street Journal has taken his jokes out of context. This particular kind of humor was something the YouTube star was known for.

It appears the majority of the video was spent attacking The Wall Street Journal and Variety. Although, there were moments that the YouTube star emphasized he is not a fascist and that he does not hate groups. Particular thanks were given to his fans, where a teary-eyed Kjellberg expressed his gratitude for their support. He closed the video by flipping off The Wall Street Journal.

The History

It can be remembered that the entire debacle began when The Wall Street Journal reported the series of videos Kjellberg has uploaded – and then deleted – on his channel. The aforementioned videos showed people giving anti-Semitic remarks to the audience. There were two videos in question, both of which were deleted as of posting.

Polygon and other news outlets recapped the events. One features individuals from India holding up a sign reading “death to all Jews.” The other is a man dressed as Jesus Christ saying, “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.” Kjellberg apparently hired these individuals from Fiverr, a popular video messaging service.

Unfortunately, the incident led to Disney subsidiary Maker Studios finally severing ties with Kjellberg. YouTube even removed him from Google’s Recommended list, which can severely affect his fanbase and revenue. However, Kjellberg is also a well-known critic of YouTube’s new subscriber system.

This even led to the cancellation of the second season of his horror show. It is yet to be known if he has new projects along the way, or if this will be restored. Kjellberg is popular for his livestream and commentaries on video games and, eventually, pop culture issues.

Curious fans can see the aforementioned video from The Wall Street Journal here.

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