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[Watch] Pokemon Go Update To Add 80 New Pokemon – What To Expect

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[Watch] Pokemon Go Update To Add 80 New Pokemon – What To Expect

It truly is a Valentine’s Day miracle, at least for Niantic Labs. Pokemon Go trainers have gotten what they’ve been asking: more Pokemon! This is quite a big move for the mobile game sensation, and a move that may bring back fans.

Pokemon Go fans may have been dedicated to the game for the fact that it replicates the Pokemon experience. Unlike in the games where they are controlling a character, they are the character. They can catch and evolve Pokemon, with a more fulfilling experience because of the game’s features.

Now, Pokemon Go captures the spirit of going to another region. Trainers will now “move on” to the Kanto Region from the Johto Region, as more Pokemon will arrive. Fans and players of the game, the next patch will officially welcome Generation 2.

Pokemon Go: Welcome to the Johto Region

The news came courtesy of a blog post from Niantic Labs. The post is a dash of good news for veteran trainers, and a ray of hope for those who rested from the quest. Now there’s more to catch and train with the new incoming patch.

The 80 Pokemon will be from Pokemon Gold and Silver, the games which were released on the Game Boy Color. Although Niantic has not revealed its full roster, it is a guarantee that some Pokemon from will be there. These are starters Chikorita, Cynadquil and Totodile. Eevee will finally get Espeon and Umbreon. Aside from that are Pokemon Merrill, Bellossom, and Hoppip.

Aside from the expansion of creatures, there are now two new types of berries. The Nanab Berry can slow down a Pokemon’s movement, and the Pinap Berry doubles candy if your next catch attempt is successful. This can be extremely useful for evolution enthusiasts, or those having a hard time with fast Pokemon.

Speaking of evolution, there are also “evolution items” to be collected. For instance, a King’s Rock can help Slowbro evolve when “traded” to another player. While trading is not in the game yet, this implies an incoming feature. What better time to introduce trading, as the game will also introduce newer cosmetic items.

More Features Incoming

However, Business Insider said there are still other features that may be lacking from the game. These other much-awaited features are things fans have been clamoring for from the start. These include the trading system and player-versus-player (PvP) battles.

Regardless, Niantic stayed true to its promise since the game’s release: that these features – along with newer Generations of Pokemon – are incoming. Still, the lack of these features did not stop the game from still being part of the top titles in all play stores. In fact, Business Insider reports that it has generated an estimate $1 billion income for developer Niantic Labs.

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