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[Watch] Pokemon Sun And Moon Elite Four Rematch Battle: How To Beat Tristan

Pokemon Sun And Moon
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[Watch] Pokemon Sun And Moon Elite Four Rematch Battle: How To Beat Tristan

Tristan in Pokemon Sun And Moon ends up to be one of the challengers after the Elite Four! You’ve read that right. That young boy in the beginning actually improves as time went by in the story in-game. Another warning is that the little kid is no pushover and provides a worthy challenge to all Pokemon trainers out there.

Little Tristan early in the game:

You’ll first encounter him early in the game as the very first trainer you’ll encounter in your journey to Alola. The kid doesn’t even have any idea what moves to use during battle!

Children trainers in the Pokemon games are typically some sort of joke. They are the types to use a low-level Rattata or Magikarp, whom players could easily beat with their eyes closed for extra experience points. Tristan is no exception, or at least, early on in the game.

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The Elite Four of Pokemon Sun and Moon:

As you take your journey further into the game, just like in most Pokemon games, always expect to battle with the Elite Four later on. The Elite Four for Pokemon Sun and Moon are:

  1. Hala
  2. Olivia
  3. Acerola
  4. Kahili

What’s interesting this time is that after you battle them for the first time, it’s possible to challenge them again and again afterwards. However, expect them to become much stronger than the first battle.

Congratulations! You are now the Alola champion!

After becoming the Alola region champion, when you have a rematch with the Elite 4, don’t expect to battle with the champion again. Instead, expect to battle new challengers after your crown, of whom one of them is Tristan indeed. This is confirmed in an article posted at JobsNHire site.

How To Beat Tristan in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

Tristan has the guts to challenge you for your belt, and he is no push over. He is at level 59; his Pokemon lineup and details are posted at the Serebii website. Here is a video in how to put the young boy in his rightful place!

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