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[Watch] Pokemon Sun and Moon: Pokemon Bank Triggers New Cutscene

Pokemon Sun And Moon


[Watch] Pokemon Sun and Moon: Pokemon Bank Triggers New Cutscene

Players of Pokemon Sun and Moon will be surprised to see this new cutscene in one of the game’s newest features. It seems the new Pokemon Bank feature has secrets of its own. This new “event” has sparked fan speculations on new aspects of the franchise.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon title is currently one of the biggest of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company since its release. The addition of new Pokemon has expanded the overall roster of the game to a whopping 700+. However, this also added for more opportunities and challenges to be “the very best.”

Regardless, this also led to integrating Pokemon Sun and Moon with newer features in the franchise. The most recent of these is the Pokemon Bank, a new feature that allows trainers to fill the Pokedex with Pokemon from older games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: New cutscene

The biggest feature of the Pokemon Bank is filling out the National Pokedex. However, the newest compatibility update with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has unlocked a new feature entirely. Players can apparently bring certain Pokemon to get to the cutscene.

According to a Reddit user, there are certain steps to take in order to get the new cutscene. Here are those:

  • Transfer Solrock or Lunatone to Sun and Moon, respectively, and put them to your party.
  • Fly to the Ruins of Abundance on Ula’ula Island.
  • Head south to enter the Haina Desert.
  • Go to the western exit and then immediately back east.
  • Head to the southern exit and find the old man with the red shirt.

The mysterious message

Players can watch the cutscene from a YouTuber below. Some have already discovered that there’s a particular mystery surrounding the man not long after the launch. However, according to Polygon, the feat has been impossible as there’s no way to get Solrock and Lunatone to their parties.

At least, until now. Players will recognize the man as a familiar character from the demo. Upon seeing the player’s Lunatone or Solrock, he will make an interesting statement. He said he experienced a sensation that allows him to return home “back to space” and a Moon Stone after the encounter.

What does this mean? No one knows yet, but it sure does open interesting prospects for the future of the franchise. Just why is the game named Sun and Moon in the first place? These are questions only future games can answer.

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