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[Watch] Pokemon XYZ Anime Shows Ash Ketchum’s First Kiss

Pokemon XYZ
Screen grab from PokeAnime Youtube Account


[Watch] Pokemon XYZ Anime Shows Ash Ketchum’s First Kiss

Ash Ketchum is not a boy anymore. Fans of the anime Pokemon XYZ are in for a treat, as Ash and Serena kissed in the latest episode of the series.

Pokemon XYZ Kissing Scene

However, the scene cuts to Ash and Serena’s feet instead of showing the actual kissing scene. This may be probably to censor the scene for the kids who are avid fans of the show.

The faces of Clemont and Bonnie revealed what happened even though the kiss was concealed to the viewers. Even Pikachu looks shocked by the display of affection. Meanwhile, Ash was blushing after the scene. This is the first time that Ash had an experience like this in all Pokémon shows.

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Ash and Serena History

The Amourshippers – fans who are cheering for the love angle between the two – are ecstatic to know that Ash and Serena finally kissed. They took to Reddit and Youtube to express their happiness over the scene. Even places like Bulbapedia gathered all the theories saying how Ash and Serena will be together.

Amour is derived from the French word which means love. Serena was generous in showing affection to the famous Pokémon trainer. However, Ash had been oblivious of her gestures.

Fans have been wanting to see Ash have a love interest in the animé. However, the well-loved Pokémon trainer never showed interest until Serena. From other potential partners such as Misty and May, some romance for Ash finally happened in the series.

In an interview with AnimeStyle010 as translated through Twitter, director Tetsuo Yajima confirmed that the couple kissed in that scene. Furthermore, he mentioned that since they are not allowed to animate the actual kiss, they implied it when Serena’s feet flung upwards in the scene.

The text can be found via this Twitter account.

Next On Pokémon

Ash will embark in an adventure at the Alola Region when Pokémon Sun and Moon airs next month. It will feature new land to conquer, and a new group of friends to share new adventures with.

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