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[Watch] Project Cars 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2017 With 12K Resolution

Project Cars 2
YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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[Watch] Project Cars 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2017 With 12K Resolution

Project Cars 2 is an eagerly awaited game and Bandai Namco has now confirmed the release date. As previously hinted in January, the game is arriving in late 2017. This is backed by the new trailer which showcases some pretty exhilarating stuff to say the least!

Project Cars 2 is enticing fans on the basis of this well crafted trailer. The trailer has plenty of motorsport action in addition to some killer scenes. The game will come with 60 tracks and in excess of 170 cars.

Auto and racing junkies are sure to fall for Project Cars 2. PC Gamer reports that there will be a brand new Online Championships mode. Additionally, there will be racing on mud, dirt, ice and snow, which should lure fans as well.

What the Developer Says 

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer, has also confirmed accurate car physiology in addition to realistic artificial intelligence (AI). There will be compatibility for 12K resolution graphics with three 4K monitors linked up together. This will create a driver’s view that is “panoramic,” according to sources.

Hardcore racing buffs will appreciate this support feature for three monitors at a time. The original Project Cars game does not really work in case of wraparound setups. According to the game director, Stephen Viljoen, the goal here is to make simulation racing experiences that are similar to real life.

He stressed on “authenticity” and “realism” as major aspects of the development goal for the game. As a result, the company has employed the most skilled developers, sound engineers, artists, and professional drivers to execute its vision perfectly. This game is the “ultimate driver journey” according to Viljoen.

The trailer reveals the accurate gameplay and exhilarating racing sequences to the hilt. This is the first look at the game which was showcased in 2015. The original released in May 2015 and managed to create a good impression amongst fans and enthusiasts alike.

How Does the Game Match Up? 

The sequel definitely looks improved as per PlayStation Lifestyle. The game features full VR (virtual reality) and there will be a VR support function for PCs. There are multiple track surfaces and dynamic environments to savor for racers. You can also experience dynamic weather at different times of the day along with seasonal transitions.

If gameplay is as good as it looks, Bandai Namco could have another winner on its hands. The game launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later in the year.

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