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[Watch] Rainbow Six Siege Characters: Meet New Jackal Operator

Rainbow Six Siege
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[Watch] Rainbow Six Siege Characters: Meet New Jackal Operator

Rainbow Six Siege fans can get their hands on a new Spanish operator for the Velvet Shell downloadable content (DLC) pack. Players will be able to use this new operator, along with his unrevealed partner, in the Spanish-based map. Just what is the Jackal and what can he do?

The arrival of the Jackal in Rainbow Six Siege continues the popular trend with the game’s DLC packs. They normally come with new maps along with new operators for players to use. Each of them has new and unique abilities that are best suited for the new map.

However, how useful is the Jackal in the new DLC? Players can find out soon by the time Ubisoft releases this new update. In the meantime, developers cannot help but tease these new additions.

Rainbow Six Siege: New Operator

The new operator arrives in the form of a new trailer courtesy of Ubisoft US’s official YouTube channel. Just like with other operators, the YouTube trailer reveals very short snippets of the full skill-set of the new operator. According to Game Rant, the Jackal is very much what his namesake is: a very deadly tracker.

Jackal, which is the codename of Ramirez Al-Hassar, is assumed to be an “Attacker.” This means he is the aggressive side of the coin to his mysterious “Defender.” He uses a C7E and PDW9 as his primary weapons in the game. Players have the options between the ITA 12S and USP 40 as his secondary weapons.

According to Ubisoft, Jackal was only 17 when he and his brother were attacked in a presumed case of street violence. Jackal’s brother died and he barely survived the encounter. He swore to uncover the mystery of his brother’s death, and enrolled in the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia (National Police Corps) when he came of age.

He eventually became a member of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (Special Operations Group). The group may be the unit where the Spanish operators will be coming from. However, only Ubisoft can reveal this by the time the second operator is revealed.

New Map, New Gameplay

Players who want to have early access to the new DLC can get the Year 2 Season Pas of the game. This grants holders a week of early access to each duo that is released in the game. There are also new cosmetic battle dress uniforms that are bundled with this deal, and store bonuses.

Ubisoft will be revealing Jackal’s special ability in the Six Invitational event. However, the teaser appears to provide more details for players to speculate. It seems when Jackal activates his special helmet, he can see footprints left behind by the opposing team. This allows him to track enemies without special drones.

Fans can expect the new DLC to be released in early February. Game Rant speculates that the update may be released alongside the game’s Six Invitational, to take place on February 3 to 5. Jackal’s partner is Elena “Mira” Alvarez Del Manzan, who is still an enigmatic figure.

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