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[Watch] Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Operation Velvet Shell & What To Expect

Rainbox Six Siege
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[Watch] Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Operation Velvet Shell & What To Expect

Rainbow Six Siege will take players to a serene Spanish coastline. The beauty of a pristine resort will be a battleground for squads. Ubisoft will take players and the tactical shooter to an early summer getaway.

Rainbow Six Siege is known for taking players to various scenic spots in other countries. This is consistent with the game’s theme of having multiple operatives worldwide. Each of these operatives have special attributes that befit the area of their choice.

However, Rainbow Six Siege takes this up a notch with multiplayer mode. All bets are off when it is player against player, and the recent downloadable content (DLC) is no different. Just what is Operation: Velvet Shell?

Rainbow Six Siege: From Spain With Love

The recent Rainbow Six game’s DLC takes players to the Coastline map. According to Game Spot, it’s set in the shores of Ibiza, Spain to a resort called La Perla Blanca. It’s actually a real resort in Spain, although not in Ibiza.

Ubisoft wants the map to deliver a “surround flow of combat for a final rush at its core.” A serene resort in Europe seems as if only relaxation is present in the area. This is where Rainbow Six takes the stereotypes of resorts away and replaces it with tactical shooters.

The map appears to be centered on the resort itself, which is a colorful mix of blues and purples. According to Ubisoft’s YouTube preview, the area appears to be isolated in its own fenced residence. This means the area’s abundance of rooms and chokepoints offer various opportunities for contact and engagement.

New Features, Content

This DLC is the first big update for the game’s Year Two slate. As with other content drops, this adds a map and two Spanish Operators for players to use. However, the Operators are yet to be announced.

This adds Spain to the already colorful list of areas that Ubisoft has explored for Rainbow Six. This includes Japan, Canada and Brazil, among others. All of these areas have some of their most iconic locations explored, along with a pair of Operators to protect it.

Regardless, fans can stay tuned and get to see the new DLC in action this February 3 to 5. Ubisoft will be showcasing this newest DLC as part of the Rainbow Six Invitational, a competitive gaming tournament. Developers will also be answering questions in a panel.

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