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[Watch] Resident Evil 7 News: Why Game Is Censored In Japan

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Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / CensoredGaming

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[Watch] Resident Evil 7 News: Why Game Is Censored In Japan

By now, you’ve probably finished playing Resident Evil 7. The game is widely known for its gameplay and body horror images that make it thrilling for fans to play. But it seems that in Japan, that’s not entirely the case.

Censored Gaming posted a video comparing the US version and Japan version of Resident Evil 7. The comparisons made it clear that Japan’s version of the game is slightly toned down. Not much gore and body horror images were shown as compared to that of the US version.

The reason behind it isn’t entirely clear. It could be that Japan is more sensitive to this sort of content. Though it still follows the same story line and gameplay, what’s evident is that Japan’s version of Resident Evil 7 shows less of the grotesque images that the US version has.

Read on below to find out the difference between the two versions. The article contains spoilers so read at your own risk.

US Version Versus Japan Version

Several scenes posted by Censored Gaming compared the two versions. For instance, in the US version, Deputy David Anderson’s head that’s been cut off is found in the refrigerator. One can see its misshapen head as it turns around when picked up by the player to take off the note from the back.

For the Japan version, only a photo of him is found in the refrigerator. Along with the note, nothing horrible is spotted in this scene.

Another scene has the player reach down the throat of a corpse. The goal here is to take the key buried inside. The US version has the player plunge his hand in the body via the neck and retrieve the key.

However, the Japan version only has the player approach the corpse to retrieve the key. It is also noted that the head from the corpse is still intact as compared to that of the US version where it’s no longer there.

Lastly, in the US version, we see the top of David Anderson’s head sliced by a shovel. The scene lets players witness the whole thing, with the top part sliding off.

In the Japan version, Deputy Anderson’s head only gets hit by the shovel. He then crumples to the ground, dead.

Japan’s “Grotesque” Version

Japan’s RE 7 has two versions of the game. One is the standard version they call CERO-D while the other is the grotesque version which is known as CERO-Z.

Still, fans compared the two and found that not much has changed. CERO-Z is still pretty tame compared to that of the US version.

Check out the video below to see for yourself the difference between the two:

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