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[Watch] Resident Evil Vendetta Trailer: How New Movie Fits With Timeline

Resident Evil Vendetta
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[Watch] Resident Evil Vendetta Trailer: How New Movie Fits With Timeline

Resident Evil Vendetta will be the latest film in the Resident Evil computer-generated (CG) series. However, does it connect with the games? This question is especially relevant follow the quite enigmatic ending of the recent game in the franchise.

The recent Resident Evil Vendetta trailer means there is something new for players to wait for aside from the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) packs of the recent game. However, the trailer itself appears to have questions of its own. Fans are advised that from this point onward, there will be spoilers for Resident Evil 7.

Players and fans of the franchise will remember quite the surprising re-imagining of the series under Resident Evil 7. There was a completely new protagonist, an interesting set of villains, and a mysterious “Redfield” character at the end of the game. However, the question remains: are these all related to Resident Evil Vendetta?

Resident Evil Vendetta: Story Connections?

The story itself, as it appears in the trailer, is very reminiscent of the “classic” Resident Evil games. Vendetta was confirmed to be inspired by the first Resident Evil game, and the trailer reflects this. According to 4Gamer (as reported by Kotaku), Capcom revealed at the Tokyo Game Show last 2016 that the CG film will have elements from the first game.

True enough, the trailer has protagonists Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers in a derelict mansion. Fans of the classic take on the franchise will see explosions and action sequences. Critics of the franchise will see this as an unrealistic “superhero” take on the “humans versus zombies” aspect of the series.

The villain, named Glenn Arias, is called a “death merchant.” He has developed the Trigger Virus, which allows him to create intelligent bioweapons. These are the same monstrous villains the heroes faced before. It can be remembered that the creation of the T-Virus back in the first game led to the emergence of the monsters. Sadly, the film has yet to reveal any connection to Resident Evil 7.

However, it will be interesting to find out if the film makes any attempt to reconcile Resident Evil 6 and 7. After all, the shift in narrative and tone with the two games is too drastic to ignore. Regardless, fans will only know once the film is released.

Cinematic Universe?

Vendetta will be the third CG film in the Resident Evil film franchise outside the Mila Jovovich series. Unlike the live-action counterparts, the CG films are said to be directly tied to the game. It is not yet established if the film is a sequel or a prequel to Degeneration and Damnation.

Degeneration was said to take “seven years” after the Raccoon City incident (Resident Evil 3). After Raccoon City, Claire Redfield – sister of Chris – becomes part of Terra Save. This is an organization that handles chemical and bioterrorist attacks.

Claire encounters Leon Kennedy in an airport when a T-Virus outbreak starts. Although they contained the incident, TRICELL employees retrieved a sample of the virus from the airport. It can be remembered that TRICELL was involved in the Plaga outbreak in Kijuju (Resident Evil 6).

Meanwhile, Damnation is a direct sequel of Degeneration. Leon Kennedy investigates a bioterrorism event in an unknown country on the verge of war. However, his trip is met with the arrival of a Plaga outbreak on the capital. It is up to Leon, and the mysterious Resident Evil character Ada Wong, to stop these events.

Parallel Timeline?

However, the films do share similar trends. The movies all involve previous Resident Evil characters that meet together to stop a conveniently-timed outbreak in the vicinity. It also has loose ties to the other games, albeit in terms of organizations and the gap between events. However, the events appear to be largely contained within their films.

It will be interesting to see if Capcom will continue to make more films after Vendetta. A potential “connection” between the films and games is in the form of a parallel timeline. Although Capcom can only prove this, it is possible that Resident Evil 7 was a soft reboot. It means the game can be an “alternate” take on the events after Resident Evil 6. If Vendetta is still tied to the games without being connected to Resident Evil 7, then the film franchise can be treated as a parallel timeline.

The newest film is set to hit theaters on May 27, at least in Japan. According to Game Rant, the trailer for the United States version of the film has a vaguer “summer 2017” date. However, it was confirmed that the film will have a limited run in theaters alongside its home media release.

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