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[Watch] Shiin PS Vita Trailer Hints At New Horror Game

Shiin PS Vita
Image Source: Screengrab from PlayStation Japan YouTube Account


[Watch] Shiin PS Vita Trailer Hints At New Horror Game

There are different ways a major video games studio announces a new game being developed. The most popular is a press release or an announcement followed by a short teaser, then a trailer before the actual release. However, it looks like Sony is trying a different approach to a mysterious new game, Shiin PS Vita.

What do we know so far about Shiin PS Vita game?

The official Japanese PlayStation YouTube account just uploaded a trailer for what seems to be a new horror video game titled Shiin. The word is a Japanese translation of Death Mark or Seal. Not much was revealed about it, only that it is part of the horror genre and from the looks of it, it is actually quite scary. The teaser video also came with a teaser website.

Although the teaser video for the new horror game was uploaded on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, 4Gamer shared that the new title is actually not developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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According to a report by Game Spoiler, the teaser website’s domain is actually registered to a “Hajime Chikami.” It can be noted that the registered name is actually the name of Experience’s CEO and president.

The aforementioned studio is known for making several dungeon RPGs like Stranger of Sword City and Demon Gaze. Chikami once said in an interview that he founded the company so he and his team can have a place where they can develop games for the rest of their lives. They aimed to revive the declining status of dungeon RPG in the year 2000.

Sony Interactive Entertainment representatives have not issued an official statement about the release of the surprise teaser. It seems like the Shiin PS Vita developer wants to keep the details of the new horror video game a bit more mysterious. Stay tuned for more updates on this game!

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