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[Watch] Street Fighter 5 Character Lineup Adds Kolin In DLC

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[Watch] Street Fighter 5 Character Lineup Adds Kolin In DLC

Street Fighter 5 just revealed their next downloadable content character. Capcom recently announced the addition of Kolin, the ice and martial arts fighter.

Kolin, a non-playable character who first appeared in Street Fighter 3, makes her way to Street Fighter 5. She’s described by Capcom as the “Phantasm of Snow and Ice.”

In the introductory trailer video, Kolin shows off her moves for Street Fighter 5. She delivers powerful and stunning attacks against the beat of Lupe Fiasco featuring Salim’s It’s Not Design.

Kolin’s blows look deadly enough to get fans’ anticipation going for the game. She’ll be available in the game’s lineup on February 28.


As mentioned above, Kolin is a familiar face, seeing as she made her debut in Street Fighter 3. Capcom’s backstory for her describes Kolin as someone who works behind the scenes to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha. She will also stop anyone who stands in Gill’s way.

Her traits include being “calm and collected” but she’ll also express rage when someone threatens Gill. Capcom also warns of a spoiler alert: she apparently resurrects Nash. She uses Nash as a pawn, which proves that she’ll do anything to get what she can.

As seen in the trailer, Kolin has the power of ice. She also uses the Russian martial art known as Systema.

For her skills, Kolin has the V-Skill: Inside Slash which allows her to counter her opponents’ attacks and retaliate with ease. The V-Trigger: Diamond Dust has Kolin slam the ground with the use of her foot. Every time she does so, icicles shoot out from the floor, giving damage to the opponent.

In addition, the Diamond Dust stuns the opponent and freezes them. This will have her opponent stuck in place.

Kolin will also have Critical Art: Frost Tower. This move allows her to bring forth icicles from the ground, sending her opponent in the air. She’ll then break the ice and send them crashing to the ground.


Kolin will be available on February 28. As part of the Season 2 Character Pass, she’s priced at $29.99. The Season 2 Character Pass also includes premium battle costumes, character colors and four additional fighters.

Back in December, the first character available from the Season 2 Character Pass was Akuma. Fans are hoping there will be more fighters revealed soon.

Are you excited to play Kolin and use those ice powers and martial arts moves? Check her out in this video below.

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