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[Watch] The Division DLC Trailer: More Details On Locales – What To Expect

The Division DLC
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[Watch] The Division DLC Trailer: More Details On Locales – What To Expect

Times are dire in The Division DLC (downloadable content) expansion. In The Last Stand, players are in for a dark and unpleasant surprise. Just how will they fare against the new threats ahead?

The Division DLC packages have always been things to look forward to in Ubisoft games. In the case of The Division, each DLC expansion has its own story and features to follow. The Last Stand is the third of the first set of expansions in the game.

Interestingly, a new trailer for the newest The Division DLC sheds some light in the overall plot of the story. Players are now tasked to explore what appears to be various locales, with environments taking a turn from dark to grisly. Can they survive the new challenge and save the country?

The Division DLC: Survival of the Fittest

The newest teaser trailer for the expansion does not offer a lot of details about the main setting of the game itself. However, it did showcase the environments for Agents to explore. According to the trailer, there are a myriad of new environments, each more challenging than the last.

There is something akin to a warehouse with bodies hanging on the ceiling. There is also a construction site that appears to be inside a cave. For a kicker, there is even an entertainment venue with an intricate stage.

The settings themselves do not offer a good idea on the story of the new expansion. However, speculations could only range from the Agents encountering another group of hostiles in what appears to be a “last stand.” This is a possibility, considering The Last Stand directly starts after the Survival DLC.

Fans who cannot wait for more news on the game can stay tuned to Ubisoft’s live stream event later. They will fully reveal and discuss the DLC during the event. Fans can stay tuned on Twitch on 8AM PT (Pacific Time) or 11AM ET (European Time).

Future Expansions?

According to Game Rant, The Last Stand was supposed to directly follow the release of Survival. However, pressing issues on the game resulted to a delay in the DLC. This led to a decline in its player base in the past few months.

A recent Ubisoft survey also led to speculations on the inclusion of a Last Man Standing or a Battle Royale Mode in the game. Hopefully, there will be other sets of DLCs after The Last Stand. This is since the story of the series appears to be far from over after the events of Survival.

It’s an interesting notion to check and see if The Last Stand can bring players back to the fray. Those with the $40 Season Pass will be receiving the game earlier than most players. However, Ubisoft still has not specified a specific release for the expansion. Meanwhile, The Last Stand is $15 as a stand-alone expansion.

The Division is available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where Agents of The Division are tasked to rebuild the United States after a devastating virus was launched.

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